Hilarion 7/24/2016

hilarion2Question: I have been told I have been chosen to bring back the physical Temple of Truth on Earth. May I please have guidance from Master Hilarion on all the steps I need to take in order to do this?

Greetings, we are going to talk today about The Temple of Truth…and how you can help to bring that about and I want you to do this in a way that will make it easier on yourself. I want you to do this in a way where you don’t get delayed, or confused. I want you to know that there are others who are assisting in this work as well, you are not alone.

The first step you must take is to increase your hearing, so that you are better able to hear the guidance and to recognize one another, those other people incarnated that are assisting. You increase your hearing by allowing yourself to remove any blocks or doubts and sometimes, hearing isn’t merely with the body’s ears but it is with the mind or the heart. It’s about hearing a thought or hearing guidance, so this is the first step because it has to do with frequency, you have to raise your frequency so that you are better able to hear the guidance as its coming in and moving you, directing you and taking you along this path so that you know what to do and where to go and who to talk to and who to listen to.

Its about structure, its about forming structures in your life and sharing those structures with others, about making it so these structures become what you really want more than anything that you have in the past. You can’t rely on the way you thought before, you must shift that. You can’t believe anyone who thinks in the old ways either, that must be shifted too because the Temple of Truth comes at first in energy and then later in more solid form…be sure that you understand that energy is what makes anything that’s solid. Its about vision, its about carrying out vision, its about connecting others to the vision and so the more you talk about it with others, the more it becomes something that can be, the more you share, the more you put into the structure.

Its important to understand that the world as you see it is not as solid as you believe it to be and so teaching people about this, teaching that they have believed an illusion all along is important because in order to build a new structure, you must first tear down the old structure. So showing them that what they believed in, how they think things work, this must be altered or corrected and the more people that you can reach, the better, because even if they are not those who have chosen to resurrect this Temple, their belief in it and in this type of thinking will support it and its all about structure right now and support, support for the new way, support for the new vision, support for the return of what was. And it returns now in a way that is different, in a way that is fitting for these times. In a way that allows for transformation of a new sort, transformation of consciousness throughout the entire planet, throughout all of humanity and it’s been long overdue, but no matter, time isn’t real. It really seems to be, just like everything seems to be solid.

So you are working on hearing, you are working on structure, you’re also working on communication and connection with others that have similar ideas and that want to share them with you and then you begin to exchange and when you exchange things start to happen and when things start to happen, then the next step can occur and that is manifestation. It is important that you understand that things that you might think are far off , things that you might qualify as only dreams, these can become realities and this is the lesson for much of humanity, for most of humanity if not all. It is to understand power that you possess when you change your mind from one thing to another – from a low frequency to a high one. This is the thing that you must teach more than anything. It will create the structure, it will increase the hearing and it will allow for the manifestation.

These are the steps you must take, and the rest you already know.

I AM Master Hilarion.

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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