RV/GCR Only Days Away

kejrajpleiadianGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM KejRaj.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Today I wish to give you a very brief introduction about my self before I move on to the regular weekly update.

I am KejRaj. The name KejRaj, the first part of the name, Kej is pronounced simply like the letter K. The second part, Raj, the ‘aj’ is pronounced like the word ‘eye’, the letter R and ‘eye’, KejRaj. To simplify things, KayRy. The name itself is of etheric origin, which again to over simply its meaning, it means ‘that which shines the brighest’. It is a name which I have used while I was in the Pleiadian star system.

Below is the symbol, how my name is written in Pleiadian;


Before the migration of the humans across the galaxy, I was in the Lyra star system, experienced the Galactic Wars, the destruction of our home planet which Earth today closely resembles. Before ‘today’s Earth’, there were two other planets that have been destroyed in the Galactic Wars. Our modern Earth today is the Third Earth, that very much resembles the other two. This Earth today was and is becoming part of the Pleiadian star system once again; also where the Grand Experiment is all ready successful. Where the Divine Plan is unfolding.This Earth will lead the rest of the Galaxy and Universe towards the light.

About 215,000 years ago I came to Earth as an extraterrestrial with friends and family from the Pleiades, where I spent time in Lemuria simply observing.

It was not long before I returned back home and made the decision that it would be worth the experience to spend more time on Earth. So I left everything behind(all is in the heart) and decided to incarnate here on Earth. First for a short period in Lemuria and than went to Atlantis, where I remained there ’til its demise.

After Atlantis I went to what is known today as Egypt. I spent lifetimes in modern day Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Pelasgia(modern Balkans), and Rome. Where I was beheaded with a group of people for standing up against the tyranny of the emperors. I have had many lifetimes in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

I have been here on Earth for about 215,000 years. Now I live in America.

As we move forward, this nation, known as America will lead the world to peace. Though this has not been the case in the past, this is America’s destiny.

NESARA will first be declared here in America and than the rest of the world will follow where GESARA will be announced.

This all begins with the RV/Global Currency Reset, which as we understand is only days away from being released.

All you need to do now is ask yourself, AM I READY? Because we all do think that we’re ready, most are not. ALL that are involved in this, that hold precious currencies, and those that receive the Prosperity Packages, must open our hearts and once again look deep within, realize that YOU WERE CHOSEN. We must NOT let greed interfere with our mission, we must not become the NEW 1%. We must unite, and share our gift, work with joy in changing this world for the best, for the good of all.

Below you will see a few excerpts from different channeled sources relating to the RV/GCR.

The Pleiadians:

“You have all been anticipating changes for quite some time, changes that would be undeniable evidence of the shift. So you are prepared, but not everyone else is. And you get to decide what your role is going to be as it all plays out. You get to decide who you are in relationship to these worldwide changes.”

Sirian Spiritual Hierarchy:

“Much progress is now being made. There exists, among the Elders and the various Royal groups, a strong and unaccountable worry that somehow the dark had been faking its demise. This has heavily colored how these powerful groups view this enormous release of funds. Our task is to prove that these beliefs have no foundation. At the present time, our massive program to successfully counter these unsubstantiated beliefs is working. The Elders clearly see that a release of this immense stockpile of funds cannot cause any form of failure. Although the dark may be able to steal some of these funds, we possess the means to quickly recover them and arrest any who are involved. Because of this now proven capability, the Elders and the Royals are at last ready to firmly re-set release dates. Thus, we deeply feel that the global RV exchanges can actually be realized and therefore permit the complex RV process to commence. These massive exchanges can then lead to the distribution of the prosperity packages and to new governance!”

Mike Quinsey:

“It should be evident to you that matters are drawing to a completion where “revaluation” is concerned. The hard work has been done and it now remains to announce the changes that will be the commencement of a new era for the Human Race. A very recent attempt to do so was delayed by yet another action of the dark Ones, but it was soon put right and you are once again ready to go ahead.”

The Collective:

“For it is so that most of you have determined to open up to and intentionally create a greater level of abundance in your life. And being thankful for all the money and abundance that has and is flowing to you is one of the ways in which to create a greater flow.
Determining that you like money—that you enjoy receiving and having it, that it can be used as a positive force in people’s lives—is vital to affirming that though for millennia, money was used as a tool of the old, oppressive system, this is a new day.”

“Most assuredly, there are those in the banking, legal, and government systems who are there as transforming and transmuting Lights. They have chosen to be there, to root out corruption and reveal the weaknesses of the old system, and to help establish the new, NESARA-era system.”

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