Saint Germaine, One Who Serves and Ashira​​: Be the Light You Want To Shine In The World

llpj“St. Germaine”
I am “St. Germaine.” I am here now in this particular place and time to bring you more information of the NESARA program and then the yet to be, GESARA, which is global. For NESARA is not just meant for this country. It is meant for the entire planet. Nothing will escape this program as it is fully implemented. It will be fully implemented.

There have been many working across the planet that have been working hard to hold this off, to keep it from happening. To squash it before it ever gained a foothold. It has gained a foothold. It has been enacted. It just has not been brought out to the general public. That is coming. The “Guardian” spoke of a grand announcement. This is part of that announcement.

It will not be spoken of directly as NESARA or GESARA officially. But it will be brought out in stages. There will be debt relief. There will be abolishment of different parts of the government and governments across the planet that will no longer be needed. They will be introduced, not all at once but over a period of time. Not a long time. Not as you think of long.

There are many changes to come. Many things are about to shift. Your consciousness is shifting. The entire planet’s consciousness is shifting. The Collective Consciousness is coming along just as it needs to. Just as has been foretold by many of the prophets in the past.

As you know, these are the “End Times”. These are the times that those of you, the Lightworkers, those of you who volunteered to come here, these are those times you have been waiting for and working toward. Many of you grow tired and we know this. Many of you even say, “I am done. I cannot continue on.”

But we know also that is just a moment of weakness. A moment where you feel that you cannot go on. But we also know that you will go on. We will go on. For there is nothing else. You are all in this together. We have always been in this together. Together we are going to see this through.

So, I ask you now, as “St. Germaine”, “Sananda”, “Arch Angel Michael”, “Ashtar”, all of the ones you have become very accustomed to, being with you, all of us ask you to continue to hold on. Continue to hold the light, anchor the light, be the light for all those you come in contact with. Now, more than ever, it is time to let your light shine. Or as “Ashtar” said, let your heart light shine to all of those around you. Be the light. Let it shine to all.

The saying has been, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We would change that just a little bit now. “Be the light you want to shine in the world.” For you are the light. We are the light. Together we are going to shine across this entire planet, across this entire Solar System and across the entire Galaxy. Together we will be the light that illuminates the entire world.

I am “St. Germaine”. I thank you for your time and your indulgence. I send you now all of my peace and love and the passion and knowing of the I AM consciousness and the Violet Flame.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you to continue on and to answer any questions. “Ashira” is standing by. We do not have any message necessarily to follow that. We can tell you that there is a grand message coming. From the next time you come together with the Hollow Earth audience. There will be messages coming from this one, James, and also from the Susan. They do not yet know that but it is coming.

There are times coming, you mentioned it in early in your discussion about September. There are interesting things to speak about coming in September so we find it on the 11th of this month. We come together on 9-11.

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: What percentage of people are ready for the “Event?”

“One Who Serves”
It is a larger percentage than what you have been given here but it is not so much the percentage ready for the “Event” it is the percentage of people who are acclimating to the energies across the planet. You, yourselves, if the “Event” happened today would have some difficulty with it. All of you here would.

But it is to acclimate to these energies that is the important thing here. You are not ready for Ascension yet but you are becoming ready, you see? It is about the awakening population, it is about spreading the light as “St. Germaine” said here and “Ashtar” said the heart light.

This is all very important and this is what you are here to do. You, the Lightworkers, the Light Sharers, the Star Seeds. All of you are here to bring this about, to help acclimate many to the energies. Also to help those prepare for the crescendo that is fast coming here. To be part of this entire process, this entire program.

Be the mentors that you were meant to be here. You are going to be mentoring to many just as we have mentored to you. We are helping to train you. We are guiding and training you to be a part of this entire program. We cannot do it ourselves so that is why we have enlisted your efforts, your volunteerism to be a part of all of this.

Listen closely to “One Who Serves” message. You do not need to pay close attention to the number you heard earlier. You are being prepared for that which is to come and in that preparation is the rightness for your spirit now.

Question: Can you tell us more about the “Guardians” like how many are there and what are their areas of specialties?

“One Who Serves”
The one who visited you most recently was the “Collective Consciousness” of the “Guardians”. The one of all of the “Guardians”. As to how many there are, that is too numerous to mention here.

They are a civilization in themselves. It is not 12 or 144 or a 144,000 or anything of this nature. It is many we would say here. We cannot count here because in itself is not important. It is the “Collective” that is important here and what they bring to the table you might say.

They bring a great deal to the table because their energy has been infused with those of the planet now. This is the important thing. This is what is needed here to bring this process farther along. You spoke earlier of how many across the planet are becoming nicer, more joyful and all of this. This is partially because of the “Guardians” coming here and becoming more a part of this more fully here.

Up until last week there were only a few here but now they have fully come back. They are here to assist the entire world, Solar System and Galaxy.

You are one who can speak with them, converse with them. You can have conversations that will go on and on. Link into the “Collective Consciousness” for the whole family and move through that into the “Collective Consciousness” for the “Guardians”. They will share with you.

Question: Are the “Guardians” the ones who provided the Ancient Builder Race what they needed to start their travels?

The “Guardians” are not the Ancient Builder Race. They pre-date the Ancient Builder Race. You speak here of a great deal of misunderstanding and understandings as well. There has been much truth in what has been given and some that is not so accurate.

That is to be understood because there many avenues of expression one might say with all these who come forth. With whistleblowers and all of that who have much of the story but not the entire story here.

But the “Guardians” are there as we are saying and they are going to assisting many ways, they are already assisting in many ways, and continue to guide this process all the way through to the full Ascension here.

The “Guardians” are holding you in their arms.

Question: The other day my meditation in the evening. I don’t know if I fell asleep or if I was awake but I was moving up through my ceiling and I stopped as I worried about getting through. I moved through easily and was on board a ship. I thought I saw James there and I saw a blonde man. They took me to a bed a placed a needle in my leg telling me that I needed an injection. What can you tell me about this?

This is a wonderful experience that you are sharing with everyone. Does it feel like a dream to you? It feels real to us.

You were being beamed up into the ship so that you could experience that. We will not say if James was thee or not but “Ashtar” was. You needed healing on your leg and that was done. Enjoy your experience. Everyone looks forward to sharing in this experience with you. Everyone is happy for you.

“One Who Serves”
We would say that you were moving up through what seemed like a barrier there was the moving up in to a higher dimensional frequency. You were able to do this and that is important here. You were able to move through the dimensions when your consciousness is not fully involved here. It is the knowing consciousness that keeps this from happening at this point on a regular basis.

Think on it. As it comes through the James’ consciousness behind “The Matrix” here. “Let go of the mind.” He could jump across the chasms between the buildings if he just let go of his mind. So it is holding on to what the mind has created. It is an illusion that is holding you there. You see?

Question: I need help in letting go of my mind during meditation. I feel like my mind is broken.

“One Who Serves”
We are responding not only to the one asking the question but for all now. It is important that you find little bits of time during the day to do this. Doesn’t have to be formal meditation although that can be very helpful. Find time to sit there or lay there and be able to quiet the mind down. Be able to blank it a little bit. First only a few seconds and then longer as you can.

Work on this to bring it about. You can use an ideal of some type as you hold on to the ideal. That is what mantras are all about. Hold on to one particular thing and focusing on that. Don’t hold on to making it a long thing here. It is just a few seconds at first. You will hold this and build on it.

You will find this more and more as you practice. It is difficult for many in the Western Culture here to do this. It would be very helpful for you now to begin to do.

Again starting with small increments of time so that you can see success. If you have a few seconds of success that will feel good. You are a success driven person. We want you to enjoy some success.

If you think of a topic, say “love”, and you are going to meditate on love. Allow those images to come up that signify love to you in a specific way. Or use anything that you wish to concentrate on during the day. That will help you experience success in directing your thoughts to anything you wish to study for brief times.

Think of a time where you like to be quiet. Even if you do not have a certain thought in mind, you will realize that you are holding space for quiet for longer periods of time. Does that help you, Sir?

Question: I feel that I have experienced this for six months without any success. A Buddhist monk told me about his process that took six years. I thought there must be a better way!

“One Who Serves”
This is why we are saying baby steps here. Don’t become too concerned and take the word out of your vocabulary that you are supposed to. There is no supposed to here. If you bring this into the picture, supposed to, I should be, all of this, and then this is a block for you. It will keep you from having the experience you are looking for.

The success that you are needing here is not as much as you believe. This is what is keeping you from feeling contented with this whole idea of quieting and blanking the mind here. Just let it be. Let it be. Go with the flow. This is why you keep hearing these particular understandings. They are important for not keeping you bogged down \in the old programming. OK?

Be OK for just what it is. Be in the flow. Be in the now moment. Let it be.

For you taking a thought in quiet for you might be easier than clearing and quieting your mind. Be at peace with whatever works for you. The experience you have is what is important.

“One Who Serves”
Those words, supposed to, are words used by the Cabal to control the population in the Earth. You are really not a part of the Earth. You are here in the moment not of the Earth, you are on the Earth. There is a big difference here.

That is not to say that you are not one with “Gaia”. Do not become part of the illusion here. You are part of the illusion here over several lifetimes here. Think of yourself on the Earth and outside of the programming. You see?

You are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Question: I am having a hard time forgiving people and I am working on this. People who should forgive me are not changing a bit. They do not seem to be working on forgiveness with me. What do you suggest?

“One Who Serves”
We would say that you cannot do anything with others. You cannot control what another feels or thinks or does. You cannot do anything about whether they are apologetic or whatever it might be. You cannot control any of that. Let it go. Be who you are. Focus on what you can do for yourself. Whatever it might be. Let it be.

People, this is what we are trying to get across to you. Just let everything be. Be who you are in the very moment. Be in the moment you are in. Don’t live in the past. Look towards the future wherever that is for you. We did not say that the future is not going to be wonderful. Be in the perfect now because the now, because you are in it, is always perfect. You are really in it.

Forgiveness is a ship you are on by yourself. Self-forgiveness is important. Forgiving others is important. Self-forgiveness is the first calling that you are being asked to do in your development. Self-forgiveness. You will not be able to do anything or say anything to change these people. Forgive yourself and move forward.

“One Who Serves”
We are ready to close now. We say one more time that there are those times coming that are part of your now and part of your very nearing future. You are moving into many particular moments of change moving into the next month here. In September and on into Fall. There is information coming on 9/11.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. As always it is a great joy to be with you this day. Sharing with you as we listened to you discuss your lives and the world.

We know that the “Guardian” has come to share with you that they are here to assist your Collective. They have come en masse. En masse. They hold the planet. They hold the Solar System and the Galaxy. They take you in their great arms and carry you forward. Helping you to move through these Ascension Processes.

All of the things you are feeling are taking you further and further into the future, one step at a time. We know that you look into each week here. It is important that you continue sharing, hearing and comparing notes with one another. That is a good use of your time and energy.

September is a big month. We look forward to walking into it with you.

We give you our love and our peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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