The Heartbeat of Joy and NESARA/RV/GCR

147365089835490Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM DIVINE LIGHT, I AM DIVINE LOVE, I AM KEJRAJ(KAYRY), A DIVINE SPARK IN PHYSICAL FORM, and so are YOU in your own Godly UNIQUENESS.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. If you wish to FEEL and BE UPLIFTED by the new energies please spend as much time outside as possible.

The Heartbeat of Joy

As the new energies continue to build up so does the excitement. Earth and everything on her body is being filled with light/love essence of Creator like a cup in the river.

All is changing at a rapid pace. You must let go of all fear, NOW, release all that does not serve your highest good and be in the moment, for THE HEARTBEAT OF JOY IS HERE IN THIS MOMENT, NOW.

This awareness you have now, this light, love, peace and joy you feel now, is about to rupture in to something ten times greater. It is more powerful, more uplifting and it will be a permanent change, there is no returning. From then on this light will only increase.

Open your heart, breath, breath, breath, and accept the purest light of Creator now, for the Event is at your heart’s doorstep. THINK, SPEAK, BE LOVE.


The first thing we will say is YOU are here, you made it, and you are ready to continue on with this journey.

NESARA will go public by your month of December of 2016 if not earlier.

Your gift that you have been expecting for quite some time is finally here.

The RV/GCR has occurred. We are not saying steps are being completed, we are not saying we are taking extra precautions, we are not saying it is in the ‘process’ of being released. What we are saying is the RV/GCR has all ready occurred, 100% DONE.

The only reason YOU do not see it has to do with your perception. You are still in the state of “god damn it when is this happening, is this ever gonna happen, this is all bullshit.”

This is why you do not see it, this is why you have not RECEIVED it, yet.

We plead with you change your perception, your thoughts, and FEEL the vibrations of the new light. Once you transition into that new light-filled perception, STAY THERE, do not go back and forth, do not stress about anything. Only KNOW that what you are looking for and waiting for is here, NOW.

One with a ‘drunk-aiming’ awareness will most likely miss the target, no matter how close to it one may be.

It is time for YOU to fly above the sea of negativity. And what you are waiting for, YOU will SEE it and HEAR it and RECEIVE it within the month of September of the year 2016.


Let Love be Your Intention.
From heart to heart, I Am KejRaj(KayRy).

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