The Exciting Times Are Here

147908318876543Greetings Lighted Ones! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

The light the love, the dark the hate, the black the white, the small the great. Each and every single soul on this planet is above everything I just mentioned in that short rhyme. Yes, even above light and love, for those two words do not even begin to define your truest essence. In our truest form, in our truest nature, we are beyond our wildest imaginations of our selves. We are indescribable. But here I will attempt a brief description. You are a God and beyond, you are a creator, no, you are THE CREATOR, you are the center of the Universe and the Creator of it. That which you have created, this Universe has no choice but to support you in whatever it is that you may choose to do.

The stars, the Galactics, the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, all and more are just reflections of YOU. So in truth, it is YOU supporting YOU. YOU is all YOU have. As we have said before, Prime Creator is the HIGHEST ASPECT OF YOU.

The Universe will respond to all your wishes, the Universe will help you manifest that which you have set your intention on.

Stop. Read the last paragraph above one more time.

You must have a clear mind, pure intent towards that which you desire. You cannot be shaky, doubtful, or fearful. Because for that one second that you may doubt, the scale tips on the opposite side.

This is what has been happening with the Revaluation of the world’s currencies and NESARA. There was quite a few that believed in it wholeheartedly, there was quite a few that had doubts and went back and forth, and a few that simply thought it was a scam and laughed at the ones that believed.

Now, automatically you can add the doubters to the ones that thought it was a scam. As we said, energetically doubt tips the scale on the opposite side, of the certain thing not manifesting. Now, when you weigh the two, the believers and the doubters, the scale tips in the second ones favor.

This is why we are still here, waiting. It has been a long road but we are about to break the marathon tape. As we write this, we are at the door step, crossing into the new world.

This whole changeover if you will, is a collective effort. The Revaluation, Ascension, Disclosure, and World Peace. We must do everything we can to be the purest reflection of the other’s deepest essence. It is only through that, through you that they will see and change. You can start by being the reflection of YOUR deepest essence.

The reason behind the changes, of everything that is unfolding, is simply because humanity has stopped believing their leaders, that their leaders have humanities best interest in mind. This is why we are now seeing secret documents and more being made public. Humanity wants new leaders. This is why prosperity is close to being released world wide, because humanity has realized that modern slavery(work/taxes) is not normal, it is not the way of life.

We will say once more, your intent affects all of Earth and beyond. The longer you hold your intent, the more powerful it becomes, the further it reaches, the more it affects(your reality and beyond), the faster it will manifest.

Friends, feel the momentum, feel the light building within and without, and when you blink, it is a new dawn. We are here. Rejoice.

Let love be your intention.
From heart to heart, KejRaj.