Your Patience Will Be Rewarded

147321490912777Greetings Lighted Ones! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

You must plant the seeds without the slightest doubt that the tree may not bear fruit. Deep within you, know that it will, or else you would not be in possession of those seeds. Have you done this when you decided to take part in this journey of the Revaluation of the world’s currencies?

Here we are today, no Revaluation yet. Some have been on this journey for fifteen years, ten years, and I myself for five years. The reason we are still here, waiting, is we all feel this inner push, a silent guidance, that continuously reminds us to hold on, to prepare for landing if you will, because we have arrived.

We all have read countless of messages from many different sources, which long ago begun sounding all the same, over and over again, while nothing seemed to be occurring. Some begun to blame the messenger, while at the same time still reading their updates day after day, week after week. What kept you here? It is that spark of hope, no matter how dim, for some reason it will not let you give up. This spark of hope, comes from your soul, the TRUE YOU. Who’s mission is, yes, predestined. No matter how much the shadow ego may try to pull you away from all of this, the soul/true you, will not let your shadow ego and the naysayers lead you astray. The soul is everything, most importantly, patience, and would never miss out on this opportunity. This brightest light within you will lead you to fulfilling your destiny, a leader of the new world, of the new reality, the era of unity.

When you look at the messages of the intel gurus and those of the channeled sources, one thing they agree on is that this Revaluation has never been closer. This is the truth.

One more day, keeping the faith and hope alive, simply believing in this without seeing anything, helps you grow spiritually beyond your imaginations, and be assured that your patience will be greatly rewarded.

The brightest light shines from within.
From heart to heart, KejRaj(KayRy).

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3 Responses to Your Patience Will Be Rewarded

  1. triciaduffyauthor says:

    There are literally millions of us who have been holding the flame aloft for many, many years. Sometimes we falter a little and wish for a little more speed (let’s get this show on the road) but we persevere. It takes only one person to bring light into a crowded room, so although not many, we have the power to prevail. And prevail we will because Light and Love are one and the same and the Light continues to shine brightly and will not be extinguished.

    • allorrah says:

      I first heard the Inner Voice speak to me in 1970! I have been overLighted by BEings of Light and Love, shielded, healing deeper and deeper wounds, BEcoming more transparent, crystalline, clear. Your Words activated the REAL-I-zation that I Am That I Am as I awaken even more every time I shift my awareness and frequency from “in the world” to “NOT OF IT!” When I lift into the frequency where there is NO 3D world, only the splendor of the 5D experience we are transmuting our Way to ~ in that frequency I Am Able to pour forth the Love and Light from my transfigured DNA into all situations, circumstances, timelines, densities, past, present and future. I Am Able to REAL-I-ze or manifest the “That” Who exists in All That Is… physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual, and in other ways we don’t yet comprehend. So, if we are able to, indeed, Shift / Change on that mental/emotional/spiritual level, we have only to “let Patience have her way” and BE about the business we have collectively been given: Bringing into manifestation our true state of BEing: Heaven on Earth… it’s an inside job! Thanks for triggering this outburst from my I Am Presence to All That Is!
      Rev. Allorrah BE, CAHt.
      Mobil Minister
      Circles of Light Ministries

  2. Cathy Hynds says:

    Kej Raj, Once again you resonate, Thank you ..Thank you ..Thankyou..I am..truely grateful for your message, with light and love..KIA KAHA ( Stay strong in Maori)

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