Mira: Acceleration of Favorable Aspects

147325490061878Greetings, I am Mira. I am speaking to you from the Earth Council where I have been working exclusively for over five years now assisting with the earth’s ascension.

Progress is being made, dear ground crew. We can report an acceleration of favorable aspects of the ascension process. You are right on track for the work that needs to done. We acknowledge you for being the best of the best of ascension teams with which we have ever worked.

Part of our work in Pleiades is to assist other planets with the ascension process. On earth you have had numerous obstacles to prevent the earth and life on the earth to rise in consciousness. We are pleased to report that the malevolent ones are on their way out. It is happening expeditiously. In fact, the progress is astounding. Some are giving up after realizing that all of their money won’t matter after all. They know there will be a future where money will not exist. They have been attached to their power over others and service to themselves. They are making appropriate choices for their own souls’ growth.

Just think, what if you controlled most of the money on the planet and then were to realize it won’t matter? That the money won’t get you anywhere. So the result is they will either come around to the light, or go to a more appropriate destination with their frequency. Some of the younger members of the illuminati have come around. Reparations will be made for the bad works of the elders.

They know that we mean what we say and that we say what we mean. They are beginning to understand that their time is short. They know they cannot maintain a strong hold with the love and light of the higher dimensions. They know that the focus on the earth from all of creation is too much for them to bear.

There will continue to be many unexpected events and occurrences on the planet with the biggest clean up happening in 2017. Surprise after surprise will keep you interested in the events of the day. It is happening for the highest good of all. Even when circumstances appear to be blight, there is a higher intelligence behind the illusion.

Most of humanity have decided it is time to move onward and upward. (It doesn’t matter what the Electoral College in the U.S. wants.) It is the truth within the hearts of most of humanity that will set you free.

Continue to imagine your new earth where you are free from the old time line of the past. Envision living in stupendous glory with love, harmony, joy, abundance, cooperation and peace for all. We can’t do it for you but we can help you with your new jobs of healing the earth and living in the fifth dimension. Are you ready?

I am Mira in loving service to you and the earth.

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2 Replies to “Mira: Acceleration of Favorable Aspects”

  1. Jack

    Mira should know we are ready. That we have been ready for a long time. I for one, would like to see the progress they CoH have been promising for so many years. I, for one, am beginning to think that the RV, the Nesara and Gesara are BS being used to keep us from killing ourselves in despair.

    1. NewSunUnity

      *Greetings to You Jack!

      I appreciate your point of view. I must say you are not the only one on edge.

      Every monday, sometimes every other monday, I write a message of encouragement and share it here on the blog. To give people a little strength, telling them to hold on a little longer, the same thing I do for my family and friends, not just regarding the Rv/Gcr but the whole ascension process. Honestly, sometimes I feel a little guilty because I have been doing this for almost 10 years, telling everyone I know, please be patient a little longer, it is about to get a lot better for all of us. Days, weeks, months, years have gone by, nothing seems to change. Yes, change is happening, I FEEL the change, but “other people” need to be able to SEE the change, and I don’t blame ’em for this. Everyone is sick and tired of promises, we have our politicians for “promises”, and for the past few years at least, this so called Company of Heaven too has been playing the game of “promises”. We shall wait and see what comes up by Christmas.