I Am Here

Greetings to All!

First. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, changes you think we should make to our website, please let us know.

For anyone that wishes to contact me, please do so without hesitation. Whether you just need someone to talk to, about anything you wish, I will listen. Or you may have specific questions regarding this ascension process and more, I am here, I am open for discussion. I will answer all questions to the best of my knowing.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

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7 Responses to I Am Here

  1. Mai says:

    Hi KejRaj,
    Thank you so much for your loving words and inspiration.
    I have a question…. I deeply feel that I’m supposed to be doing something wonderful but I keep getting called to look after my family members. My sister is ill and my mum is old and disabled. I feel that I am always in service to everyone. I can’t help feeling this is my calling but I really feel there is more for me to do.
    Perhaps that is all I am meant to do… I feel there is so much more I could be doing.
    I have always been in service to others but sometimes I find it difficult to talk to anyone/family about the ascension.
    Any words of wisdom…. Thanking you💕


    • EraOfLight says:

      Greetings to You Mai!

      The time very soon will come when all lightworkers will be called to action. They will be given the chance to do something “greater”, even though what many are doing now is all ready great. It is true most lightworkers do have that feeling that they could be doing MORE, because they fail to realize how great of a positive impact they have just by doing what they’re doing in this very MOMENT, even if it is NOTHING, just BEing. From our perspective, you can learn more about the plant kingdom by giving your attention to ONE SINGLE FLOWER rather than jumping back and forth to many different plants, does this make sense? Also, all good deeds are simply that, “good deeds”, not one is more or less than another. Whether you pick up trash at a park or in your yard, whether you feed one person or ten people, all has an impact on the collective consciousness, Earth, and your spiritual evolution. Most fail to see that many “small” good deeds at the ‘end’ will outweigh another who has done just one “great” deed in their life time.

      I am here. We may talk about any thing you wish.

      From heart to heart, KejRaj(KayRy).


  2. reikihealer4u says:

    Hi KejRaj!
    Thank you for giving us access to so many wonderful posts !!

    I was wondering why we haven’t seen any more posts from Mushaba?? I miss hearing from him and cherish his insight and wisdom.


    • EraOfLight says:

      Greetings to You!

      Though we are not in contact with the channeler of Porda of Mushaba, we are certain they are busy doing work behind the scenes. I believe we will hear from Porda soon.


  3. Anela says:

    First off, I greatly appreciate your posts and your website, KejRaj… a refreshing drink of water to our Spirits. Thank you deeply.
    I gather articles for a private chatroom with over a hundred members, and without going back and checking what has already been posted, it is my suggestion you give the date it is published on your site. That would help me sort through to the recent articles.
    with my Blessings and much Aloha for your divine Service to Others,

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    • EraOfLight says:

      Greetings to You Anela!

      All recent articles appear on the home page. Most of what we share, especially for spiritual messages, I think the date is irrelevant, for those messages hold “timeless” wisdom. I hope you understand. The date would show automatically on top of the post title but I chose to remove it because it also created a huge gap between articles.

      Light and Love to You!


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