Horus: New Paradigm

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting to my Higher Self, in the presence of my Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth to be shared with you all at this time.

Dear Ones,

Be blessed for there are many shifts taking place on your Earth at this time.

Gaia is now moving forward to a new heightened paradigm of love of light and of consciousness.

The flowers within my Garden are blooming the lights are shining now within the universe. The Roses from the Palaces of Venus shine forth the love to your earth.

I now shift focus to the waterways on your Earth. Let me begin with this.

There are so many beautiful creatures that exist across our multi-verse that are assisting the waterways and many Nommos Beings are assisting and are working with the vibrations of the Sirian B Energy at this time to anchor this vibration of love light and healing to your earth.

Many of these beings are indeed anchored in the oceans, seas and waterways of your earth…. Many of these worked during the time of the Atlantean/Lemurian races to assist with telepathic and healing practices.

We are now activating the Aqualine Sun frequencies to many of you at this time and as this takes place this will activate those of you into a more multi-dimensional awareness that you are working at a more multi-dimensional level with the waterways and the Sirius B Vibration. This will connect your Diamond Sun Body Threshold to your crystal heart thus bringing forth an alignment and grander awareness thus accessing these divine energies to assist with healing and anchoring this energy to those whom are in need of it and to the Earth Mother. Those of you whom have been called to this work as part of your Soul Journey, will be undergoing these activations at this time with your Guides and Guardians.

Working with the Whales and Dolphins on your Earth, Whales and Dolphins are the Frequency Keepers of the Earth… They are aligned to the Cosmic Frequencies of the Universe and to Sirius B. They worked with the transmissions and frequency in Atlantis.

The Cosmic Whales and Cosmic Dolphins are the Higher Selves of the Whales and Dolphins that are currently in embodiment on the earth at this time. They have been coming forth assisting the Earth Mother since the beginning of time.

Just like us they are awakening at this time, they are blooming! They are shedding old skins of separation and merging into the ocean, into being connected and remembering ourselves as a part of a bigger being. The whales and dolphins are doing just this.

You are finally coming together; you are finally a part of one another. The whales and dolphins coming together represents unity consciousness happening. It is also showing how the photonic light and changes on your earth are effecting every form of life. You are all going through this together. Even the whales and the dolphins are shifting.

As you now enter into a grand stage of remembering, you return to the love that you came forth with when you embodied on the earth plane.

It is now the time to come forth to the ocean of Love, the Milky Way of Love and Compassion.

Float through this time of shift which is a metaphor for not struggling, but letting yourself be led and guided to where we all make ripples of our unique frequency, from the stars, and the planets and the universe as a whole. A time now dear ones to enter into the bliss of the 144th degree Cosmic Consciousness.

Blessings to you all.

I AM HATHOR (HET HERU) and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channeler’s personal page: Source Source

http://www.EraOfLight.com – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgi – Posted per request via Email.

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