Iron Fist Melting: Global Currency Reset, Body of Change

eraoflightnewperspectiveGreetings Souls of the New Earth! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Iron Fist Melting

The light truly is shining on Earth brighter than ever, and with each second that goes by this light is increasing and permeating every cell of every body on this beautiful planet, including the planet herself. Yes, Mother Earth too has begun activating her codes with the new light coming in, and she too has begun the process of healing her physical body.

All though the ‘major shake ups’ will not begin ’til around 2020. The Galactics are fully prepared in case mass evacuation becomes necessary during that time. But no concerns for any of that now, for in this imminence there are other uplifting events ready to unfold for us all and YOU will be playing a major role.

We have a feeling that we’ll get a ‘yeah yeah we’ve heard all this before’.

All is the same. No it is not. Just because we have yet to see NESARA and the Global Currency Reset manifest in our reality does not mean no thing has changed. This does not mean that things are not moving forward, because they are and fast.

There are no more preparations or changes that need to be made concerning NESARA and the GCR. All that remains to be taken care of are the few Cabal shadows. This issue too is being resolved fast, they are being captured and some eliminated through their own traps they have set.

Even though it may appear as if they are in control, they are not. For if they were, you would not have hand grenades going off, you would have nuclear bombs going off. Their iron fist is melting. Every minute they are losing more of their power. They are using a few of their puppets to commit these ‘terrorist attacks’ such as the recent ones in England. In hopes of stirring an all out war. They are failing. This will never happen. And as their days are numbered you will very soon notice that even these small attacks will disappear all together.

You will understand that this world is no longer in the grip of the iron fist, now it is changing and it is being lead by hearts filled with light and love in service to Earth and humanity.

Yes, all of the things you were told about and promised that they would come to fruition soon, have taken a whole lot longer than they were supposed to, but very soon we will find out for certain that the wait was well worth it.

Body of Change

We begun this article talking about Earth healing her body. She is not alone. Your body is also going through great change.

There is so much happening now within your being but all you may see or feel is illness, depression, emptiness, aches and pains. You are restructuring in particular your physical vessel. As more light comes in, as your soul makes more of itself present in your physical being, you will notice and begin to feel the changes even more now.

Your chakras are expanding and spinning faster. Your DNA is healing, reconnecting and triggering on at great speed. With this, your body will not only become more light, it will literally change in form, shape and appearance. You will begin to grow taller, you will begin to lose weight and get more fit naturally. You may lose some of your body hair, but hair on your head may begin to grow faster and thicker and change color. Your eyes may change in shape and color. You may grow new teeth, or ones you may have will begin to heal on their own. You will require less sleep and less food. You will find yourself in states of joy for longer periods of time.

In short, your physical vessel is being changed to its original template. Understand this is a gradual change, it will not occur over a few weeks.

Assisting your body through this process is simple. It is all a matter of choice. So learn to balance and quiet your ego as far as craving animal corpses goes because it is only your old beliefs and your ego that wants you to think you need meat.

As we have said many times, eat light, eat healthy. If you haven’t all ready, change to a plant based diet completely. Drop meat, drop everything that comes from animals.

One, you do not need it. Two, it is not there for you to feast on. Three, meat and dairy are really not healthy like ‘they’ want you to believe it is, especially in the Western part of the world. But above all, ANIMALS ARE SENTIENT BEINGS. They were put here on Earth to live, to bring balance to our world, to add beauty to nature, to share their uniqueness with the rest of nature.

Go outside, spend time near trees, in forests, as often as you can, and SEE the world from a different point of you, from your hearts point of view. You will begin to understand more. You will begin to realize that you are beyond the illusion. You are and angel in physical form. And you will begin to change your old ways for they do not serve you or the old world any more for the old world is dissolving. We must move forward and upward with the light.

The brightest light shines from within. Let love be your intention. I am KejRaj.

One Reply to “Iron Fist Melting: Global Currency Reset, Body of Change”

  1. jane

    I perhaps should have more faith if that is the right word, but I see a great increase in dark activity, more terror attacks in the UK, many more chem trails and most of the energy spirit messages are saying we are well on the way to ascension, so how come the dark is wielding so much power still?? some of us have struggled so long, we are awake, we are empaths , we are in survival mode, and yet we are asked to believe we are going to escape this diabolical reality, created by the dark…….I wish there was something more tangible in our reality that we could know for sure these vile dark beings are truly done for??