The Event: The Wave

eventsuneraoflightGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The reason I say ‘we’ speak is because besides my self choosing to deliver this message, I know I am also being guided by other forces in this journey.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth is within your heart. Find the peace, and the truth will reveal itself.

There is no doubt that prior to ‘The Event’, many other events of ‘lesser’ magnitude will unfold. Such as the arrest of Cabal members and the Global Currency Reset.

We Continue…

From the heart of Prime Creator will be exhaled a breath, a wave of unimaginable love. So grand, so powerful, it will forever change humanity and Earth. There will not be a single organism on Earth that will not be touched by this wave. There will not be a single soul that will remain ‘asleep’ when this ocean of light washes over all.

Every soul on Earth will have no choice but to awaken from the dream that ’til now they have called life. Everyone’s light will be switched to ‘on’, and all will be in awe to what has just occurred.

From the heart of Prime Creator this light/love will flow to the Great Central Sun/Father-Mother God of our Milky Galaxy. The energies of The Great Central Sun, The Elohim and the Angelic Realm will join with the energies of Prime Creator. The Ascended Masters, The Galactic Confederation will also send their energies in this wave. All will be directed towards our Solar System and this will uplift the consciousness of humanity and Earth. This doesn’t mean that this wave/event will not have an impact on the rest of the galaxy and beyond, it will.

All this that has just been described, will happen in an instant, like a flash of lightning. This is the ‘Wave’ of The Event. And nothing will ever be the same again.

I know all are asking when will this happen? Only Prime Creator knows the exact ‘timing’.

However, at the speed which the light is increasing now on Earth, there is a very great possibility that we may see the Event within the year of 2017. The reason we say this is because the collective consciousness of humanity has tipped the scale on the side of love.

The light on Earth is stronger than ever before and continues to grow by the minute. And that is what was needed, that was the one request from Prime Creator, for the collective to choose love.

The calls, the prayers, the invitation of humanity for Divine Intervention has been heard and felt all across this galaxy and beyond. Humanity on Earth wants peace. A new way of life. In unity with all. And so it shall BE.

Be patient, at peace, always shining your light, and feel the momentum, the light building within and without, and when you blink, it will be a new dawn.

From heart to heart, KejRaj.

10 Replies to “The Event: The Wave”

  1. Bathija

    The people who want to desand to parallel earth maybe want to experience darkness like fear, killings. So they have to go through everything again that they encountered on earth. No love, nothing.

  2. Tiffany RunningBear

    I am so excited for this to occur. I can feel the love already! This is going to be the best ever. All the pain i have encountered and my children will be goneand we will all just be full of love.

  3. Guerda Louis-Charles

    Oui j’aime beaucoup beaucoup vos messages ils ont de profondeurs. C’est le temps de la lumiere divin.
    Que le grand Maitre nous proteges
    Merci encore un grand merci.

  4. Skyrider

    What do you think about Cobra’s assertion that there will be no RV until during or after the Event?

      1. Skyrider

        Sorry, but he’s not in my view. Have you listened to his responses to ma, many questions over the years? He has a very high awareness, higher than almost everyone (human) on these “spiritual” websites. I’m guessing you are just throwing the Cabal label out there out of laziness.

        1. Jane

          I have wondered about COBRA, time will tell, but I would not say at this time I believe he is cabal, the only thing is those toplet bombs that somehow are always an issue..
          but life on planet earth is so so complex and the man who calls himself Cobra is but one cog in a huge wheel of happenings, again I say time will tell.:)

  5. jane

    Believe you me, it needs to happen this year, the dark are desperate and they want to do everything they can to start a war and all the terror stuff is increasing, it is so obvious that it is all engineered by the dark. So this event needs to get going fast…… light workers are so tired of reading about this stuff, we want it now…..