Quick Message

Greetings Light Warriors, It Is I KejRaj(KayRy).

First of all, for anyone that wishes to contact me, please do so without hesitation. Whether you just need someone to talk to, about anything you wish, I will listen. Email me @ eraoflight777@gmail.com or via phone(I will give you the number via email). Or you may have specific questions regarding this ascension process and more, I am here, I am open for discussion. I will answer all questions to the best of my knowing. This process has not been easy and we are not out of the jungle yet. I will have an update this coming Monday in broader detail for the recent and coming energies.

Secondly, I do accept articles from our readers. So if you have anything to share, please email it to us @ eraoflight777@gmail.com – Whether it is an article you have found or your own personal writings on this process, we’d love to share it on the page.

Thirdly, I will be doing a question/answer article soon to share on the page. So if you have any questions about anything, this process in particular, please send ’em in the email.

Lastly, if there is anything that you wish to see more of on the web page, let us know.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

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7 Responses to Quick Message

  1. Anthony Pellegrini says:

    Please settle this for this dilemma for us right now oh wise one ………
    Is this glorious Earth round or flat ? And why are so many Earthlings so confused about this ? Thank you, Tony


    • EraOfLight says:

      Greetings to You Anthony!

      There are many many sources that tell their stories of both sides. Even channeled sources give different views on this. However, from our point of view, the Earth is indeed spherical in form. This is the case throughout the galaxy as well. Not to say that in the universe there are not planets in different shapes and forms, for there are. Such as in cubical form, octahedron, oval and more.

      Light and love to You Tony!


  2. ZLu Alex says:

    THANK YOU !!!


  3. Jaime Garcia says:

    I have a question about Jesus of Nazareth. I read his story in the Urantia Book which says that Jesus is the incarnation of Christ Michael the Sovereign of Nebadon and that He came to make His Seven Bestowal on our planet Urantia (Earth). But I had always read that Jesus was the incarnation of Sananda Kumara the Admiral of the Mothership New Jerusalem and that his consort Lady Nada embodies here as Mary Magdalene who was his earthly wife. I thought that when Jesus resurrected who continued with his personality was Sananda because Christ Michael had already fulfilled his Bestowal. What is the truth of this story?


    • EraOfLight says:

      Greetings to You Jaime!

      It is important to understand that each individual gives their own perspective on things, even when information comes from higher sources. From what I have observed, in the lightworker community most think that Jesus and Sananda are the same entity. They are and they are not. Sananda is a higher aspect of the being we know as Jesus, they each have their own identity. Jesus is an Ascended Master(6th to 8th dimension, on rare occasions are they found above the 8th), while Sananda is now ready to move into the 13th dimension.

      Please understand this information is our perspective.

      Light and Love to You!



  4. WOW! Dear Brother, you are very kind indeed! I am grateful for you in my life. Thgank you so much. I feel the same as you. I am just less directly connected to my HS than you are. Be well. Sarah.


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