Archangel Gabrielle: Proceed! You Are the Delivery Agents of The Mother to Birth The New

aa gabrielGreetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and sweet angels of light, the message has never changed because the message is love, the totality is love, you are love, we are love.

And while I do not suggest to thee to be foolhardy or ignorant, what I do suggest is that you focus on the love, and that while you may acknowledge chaos, you know that it has no legs; that the only strength throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, is in fact, the strength of the love because anything else is not only not of truth, it is not of One and therefore it does not have the strength, the wherewithal to endure.

And you say to me, “But Gabrielle, it has endured for hundreds and thousands of years.” And what I also suggest to you is that is a blink in time.

Now, I am not suggesting that fulfillment will take hundreds and thousands of years, child. What I am suggesting is that you are at the time of fulfillment. When the Mother has declared this is the time of fulfillment, do you think She was simply talking in metaphorical terms? I would suggest not.

Now, you are in the process of birthing and we have talked to you before and we will talk to you again about this process of birthing. And in the process, and it does not matter, child, whether you are male, female, transgender, or simply in and out of form, birthing in and of itself is a great joy.

But particularly within the human species…and many species, by the way…it also creates a moment of concern, of danger, of peril, because while you have carried the essence of this creation – not merely within your field, not merely within your dreams or your intentions, but within your physicality – you have carried this creation not only in your belly, children, but in every fiber, every cell of your being.

And so, at the moment of birth there is always concern for that passage, for the health of the child and the health of the parent. But you are already in that birthing phase and I come to reassure you, not as distant archangel but as carrier and servant of the Mother, that you are safe and you are in attendance and you are attended to in every way, shape, and form, yes, including the physical. So, relax. Yes, there may be moments of slight pain, twinges, but simply know what is going on.

Now, many of you – and I speak to many of you, and when I say that I mean the entire planet and far beyond – are confusing this process of birthing.

You are thinking…and I use that because I have asked you this morning, this afternoon, and this evening and every single day…to sink into and claim your knowingness. But your thinking self is often confusing, shall we say, some of the staging of what is transpiring. With the birthing comes the new.

The new does not arrive… your circumstances have changed, yes, you are pregnant with possibilities…but the new does not arrive until you have birthed, until you have given literal breath to that new life. And might I suggest to you that that new life that you are birthing is not only your sweet beloved self, but new humanity, Nova Being, Nova Earth, nova reality.

So, do not look for everything to occur prior to the birthing, it is a result of the birthing that harkens and announce and heralds the new.

Now, you say to me, “Dearest Gabby…yes, that is what she calls me…how does this happen? How does this happen in this format, in this process?” Think of it in a very practical way, the celebration…and I mean celebration in the true sense of the word…the presents, the gifts, the abundance – and I do not simply mean monetary abundance, although that is part of it – occurs after the birth. But you say, “But I am but one being, I am one person, I am one man, I am one woman, how can my birthing my new Nova Being possibly result in a change of the entire planet?”

Stop underestimating yourself. As thousands and millions of you…because do not forget your commitment to 144 million…you are doing it for so many, you are literally birthing the new.

And does that take patience and endurance and joy and excitement and proper nourishment and nurturing? Yes. But in that comes the new and that new is the knowingness, it is the divine authority in action, it is not timidity otherwise somebody else would be speaking to you.

There is such a thing as righteous, fierce independence. And that fierce independence is you declaring and living and acting; that you choose and are in alignment only with the Mother’s Plan, only with the Mother/Father/One, only with each other, only with the purity, the clarity, and the grace of your being.

Nothing else is allowed into the birthing chamber. There can be riots outside your door and you will send them your love, but you will not get up off the birthing table and go join them. Your job, your commitment, your fulfillment is more important than that.

As you birth, as you bring forth the new, peace will reign, the truth will win…love always wins. And so, in this I suggest to you, I tell you, you’re not merely having labor pains, it is not false labor, proceed…you are the delivery agents of the Mother.

We assist you…oh, we throw in things that need to happen in the aligning of this Plan, but you are the birther and you are the new and we are with you every step of the way.

So, our guidance to you…accept, sink into your knowingness, and beloved angels, breathe. You are there. Go with my love and more importantly, on behalf of the Mother, I bring you Her love, I bring you Her joy, I bring you Her nurturing. Farewell!

» Source – Channel: Linda Dillon