The Council: Some Things To Think About

ascended beingsToday we would speak of freedom. Everyone in your world wants to be free. Most of you think of yourselves as free. Yes, you know that there are still unfortunate souls who are still in actual captivity. But thank goodness that is not you. You are free. You live in a free society.

To varying degrees, that appears to be true. You go where you wish, wear what you want, eat what you like, and no one tells you what to think. In most places, that is how you would describe yourselves, is it not?

How often do you go where it is fashionable to go? How often do you wear what you believe will be acceptable? How often do you make choices to appease that voice in your head, the one that tells you what you ‘should’ do?

Whose voice is that? Actually, we would suggest that, no matter whether it is a voice you recognize or not, it is a combination of many. It is the parents who raised you. It is your society. It is your own history, remembered and unknown. Even the best of families were very careful to see that you were prepared for life. Of course they were. And most of them thought that that meant to teach you what they had learned in order to cope with whatever you might face. That, after all, is what they were taught. It is society, telling you to stay in line. It is your reward and punishment based government, telling you what it will accept and what it will not. It is your fears, apprehensions, and feelings of lack that you have written into your unconscious minds, telling you what you may and may not have, may or may not do, and the consequences were when you did or did not do a thing before. It is all of the rules you have adopted to protect yourselves from yourselves. It is fear.

All of these voices, with the addition of your own memory, have built up a story. Call it the Who I Am and What I Can Do story. You have bought the storybook, and you can recite it verbatim when prompted. In fact, you do that constantly, mostly in your own mind. Your favorite passages are the Things I Can’t ones, things you can’t do, things you can’t have, ways you can’t be.

And those stories keep you in line. Why? They keep you in line because you don’t examine them. They keep you in line because you have not learned, for many lifetimes, who you are and what you are truly worth. You are accepting the story you have been told.

Even those of you who are awakening keep discovering more and more of this as you dig deeper into yourselves. And you keep searching for more ways to dig, more things to do, more things to learn. And the answer is always the same.

We tell you in many ways, in all languages, with many stories and examples, a truth that you must and will accept when all else fails. You are the key. You are the answer. You are the perfect divine child that you will not face… yet. You are standing just out of sight… behind that veil… the veil is just a veil. Look behind it. There is a surprise party waiting, you are all invited. And we are all waiting.

You are deeply and unconditionally loved. You always have been.


» Source – Channel: Ronald Head

2 Replies to “The Council: Some Things To Think About”

  1. Perry

    Hopefully you have left the satanic ways of the catholic church behind to embrace Prime Creator who alone is power , I am love I am light I am

  2. Joe

    I am 1 of the 144,000 I have met my Twin flame 2 min away from my house and have been ascending.
    I’m a Catholic and in 2004 Christmas night I was hit with the Holy Spirit in beam that came from the sky and was the colour of the setting Sun.
    It was love the energy so powerful I jumped in the air and splashed over me continuously with so knowledge and wisdom it seemed waisted as could not comprehend it all. I remembered thinking I could take over the world.
    But it was not waisted as it is also in my Twin I met 15 years later .
    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a weapon.
    Kind regards
    Joe K
    I’m ready to fight and never LOSE when God is behind me.
    “Jesus I Trust In You “


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