Hilarion: Point of Origin

hilarionI come on the wings of love! Beloved Ones, there comes a point in the cycles of the ages known as yugas, where the turning point of the wheel of life makes the turn back to move towards the point of origin where the current wave of human experience began. It was a time when human beings were more radiant and more etherealized in their finer bodies, more spiritually advanced and had great psychic powers.

Humanity has gone through the ensuing ages or cycles of time gradually becoming identified with their physical bodies and the pursuit of materialism and thereby losing touch with their inner divinity. Now humanity is coming out of the age of darkness and moving back to the light of their radiant essence, their true point of origin.

It is during these current times of floods, fires, earthquakes, famines, wars, deceit and uncertainty when the divine and noble virtues that lie within humanity can be accessed, reclaimed and restored. Each individual has the opportunity to re-embody and re-connect to those sacred qualities that once graced each person on the planet in the beginning times.

Each person that is incarnate upon the planet during these times is an old soul who has participated in the experiences of each of the preceding cycles, and is in the process of the transmutation and transformation of their dense physical existence into one than can directly embody the radiant essence that they once were. This is an ongoing phase that will continue to be felt, experienced and observed for many years to come.

This phase requires the understanding of this from the awakened ones in order that they liberate themselves from the last vestiges of the previous cycle and fully embrace the new cycle. In order for this to happen, one must identify with the new cycle and the new beginning and walk through the new door which has opened before them.

They need to release and let go of the old perceptions and tendencies from their newly recalibrated human operating systems with every fibre of their body, mind and soul. They need to stay true to their divine radiant essence without faltering during the difficult and uncomfortable process of purification that is taking place upon the planet!

You, the Lightworkers and awakened ones incarnate on the planet in these current times are actually now living on a no fault world! You have entered the fifth dimension where there is no right or wrong, no black or white, no judgement or condemnation. You need to let go of the old paradigm and hold fast to your vision of a glorious new world and it shall be so!

You are now in a new dimension where there is only the experiencing of each moment. Know that our Creator truly relishes each experience that you partake in, for each experience that you have, contributes to the expansion and enhancement of the whole of life in this galaxy. May you be blessed as you stay the course!

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion!


» Source – Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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