Forward At The Speed Of Light

light_speedGreetings to You Lightholder! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Forward At The Speed Of Light

I usually write an update once a week, Mondays, but so much is happening now I had to do another one all ready, for the joy I feel cannot be put into words. The connection with my higher self is pure and strong. I am very excited and I too am expecting the same thing you are expecting, the Global Currency Reset, and a whole lot more. Yes? And to that we will say the celebrations shall commence very, VERY SOON.

All portals of light are now open. Which means the light coming to Earth in this moment is NOT being controlled or lessened by anyone. That was the case in the past so all could adjust to the higher light and feel more comfortable. No more. It is entirely up to each and every individual how they cope with the continuously increasing energies.

A certain light quota must be reached in order for the major events to take place, and without causing damage to Earth’s body and her inhabitants. It is our understanding that this level has all ready been reached. So what now? We said in our previous message that 2017 will not go without a bang, and it will not.

The Cabal cannot catch their breath, they are smothering. They no longer have the ‘room’ they once did to play in, and it just keeps getting smaller by the second. They are a few heart beats away from death. We do not mean to sound harsh, we are only explaining what is truthfully happening to the Cabal in this very moment.

The transfer of power has occurred, the Cabal is no longer in control. We are aware you have heard this before. However, now we say this with absolute certainty. They have lost every faction of government there is in America and around the world. They have lost the light war and everything with it.

The month of November, if not earlier shall herald in great surprises. Wonderful news and celebrations for many, and for others shock beyond belief. We are moving forward at the speed of light. Peace will reign in our world.

Take Care Of Yourself

We understand that ascension is to occur by the year 2024. From 2017 to 2024 this would be 7 years, and it is every 7 years that the cells in your bodies renew, only this time you will have fully completed the integration of your lightbodies as you make your way into the 5th Dimension.

We speak of this for a simple reason. It is now important more than ever to meditate and spend time in nature not just for the peace but for the clean air.

Consume light food. Foods that grow from mother earths body. Vegetarian strictly. Nothing of or from animals. No GMO or other artificial foods whatsoever. Water is most important, natural spring water if available to you, or purified. Your DNA uses water to heal, regenerate and unlock, to release information to the rest of your body for the entire transformation of your being.

You must understand that the training wheels have come off. As the light washes over the Earth in greater and greater waves, it is up to YOU as to how you experience all of this. You either know, understand, and make the adjustments needed. Or you may continue with your old ways and find this process anything but pleasurable.

It is all a matter of choice. BE lighthearted, loving, peaceful, and humble, and you shall take ON like the angelic child of the Elohim that you are.

The brightest light shines from within. From heart to heart, I AM KejRaj.

9 Replies to “Forward At The Speed Of Light”

  1. Dean

    Explain to people which “Timeline” this is, because it sure as hell isn’t mine. There are timelines in which people are shifting to the New Earth(s) right NOW.

    Other timelines being mentioned now, is that the Earth Ascension will be wrapped up by 2019. Most lightworkers are identifying with that one.

    I myself, am being literally diamond/quartz Crystallized to death in my physical body…having served 5+ years being a clear downloading conduit of all the high frequency energies, for the planet/humanity.
    Messages are saying that I now have a “gold” Lightbody, ready and waiting.
    I would not survive another 7 years doing this hourly torture. I won’t even survive ONE more year, of running these energies.

    1. Steve H

      I’m with you on that! Hanging in there waiting for everybody else to catch up… its hard being a trail blazer😁

    1. Amanda

      They were the worst I’ve seen in a while here in Dallas yesterday (10/18). As the sun set all I kept hearing in my head was the song “Red Skies at Night” and I said to my husband, “At least it’s pretty to look at, even though they’re trying to kill us.” He just rolled his eyes at me – he thinks I’m crazy. sigh

  2. Hilary Gordon

    IF the cabal is finished then why are we being chem trailed so heavily this week? I feel very discouraged .

    1. EraOfLight

      Greetings to You Hilary!

      When we speak of Cabal, we mean the top of the chain. It is simple brainwashed people that do the chemtrail spraying, just employees, that are about to be out of a job fast. Also please understand that chemtrails have been neutralized by the Galactics. Which means they do not have an affect as before. They are simply allowed in the sky to bring awareness to the people.

  3. Ai_Shifu

    I too feel the difference in the vibrations. The other day I was practicing the Ho`oponopono technique to a certain negative situation and it literary worked like a charm.
    Thank you for your update!