Melchizedek: Initiations

lord melchizedekBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! We are greatly appreciative of this opportunity to come forth into your world and speak to you of many things that can now come to Light as the greater energies that are streaming in from the cosmos make this possible. Each of you has been going through your Initiations and for each it is experienced differently, as you are unique upon this Earth and indeed, in the omniverse.

You have learned much through your sojourns upon many worlds and many of you have been through the ascension process on other worlds in other lifetimes. You have volunteered millennia ago to come into the experience of duality on this world so that you might experience the unique interplay between opposing forces that are at play on this planet.

You have mastered many unique challenges upon other planetary systems and bring these qualities and attributes with you. In each lifetime that you have lived upon the Earth, you have been developing your unique gifts that are now surfacing from within you at this time. You have remembered the living flame within your hearts – each of you love the Creator with your whole being, each of you want to rekindle your connection to the Divine within you and bring forth the glory that is God.

This world that is now in the process of ascending into higher realms of consciousness, into higher expressions of conduct, into aligning with the universal laws that you inherently know are always in operation, is poised on the brink of transformation – it remains only for humanity’s consciousness to align with the planet in order for the unified transformation of all to take place.

The higher consciousness that embodies your planet is a being of the greatest love, compassion and empathy. She loves all her inhabitants and has endured much, almost beyond endurance, in order to bring all her inhabitants into a greater state of unity with her.

Many upon Earth have forgotten their roots, their origins and the original reason and purpose for their incarnations upon the Earth. The denser energies have been very effective at creating forgetfulness within all beings, but now all of that is in the process of changing and with change, comes transformation on all levels of being. At this juncture of cosmic events, the world and all upon her stand poised, seemingly at a standstill, waiting for they know not what, only knowing and feeling these changes as they become more noticeable in their daily living.

There have been and will continue to take place, quiet but revolutionary changes within all the systems that have been established and most of these changes are taking place within individual souls first and foremost. As these changes within each soul occur, an outer manifestation takes place in a way that is universally acceptable to the majority of people. What was once considered impossibility now is something that becomes commonplace. As you look about you, you can see and feel this everywhere.

Many physicians in every corner of the world have been quietly directing their patients to nutritional supplements rather than to consume man-made drugs that may help to mask symptoms but which have the potential to create even greater health problems.

Everywhere, people are taking up the reins of their sovereignty in a quiet manner and choosing a better way without any fanfare. As these people make their choices and live according to their highest ideals, so too does the entire consciousness of humanity lift up in their ideals and a new and better way becomes accepted.

This is part of the Great Work that you, our Beloved Lightworkers and Starseeds upon this planet have been doing so beautifully. We know, and you knew before coming here, that it would not be easy. It is never easy to go against the mainstream of current consciousness and its accepted ways of manifestation.

You have held fast to your Light and this has created a ripple effect which now is unstoppable. By your courage to stand fast and mostly alone through most of your lifetime, you have opened doors that were firmly closed before. Many avenues to a greater and more beneficent life are now gloriously opening before you and all of humankind.

This is most happy news to those of the higher realms. We watch with keen interest and we glow with pride in you, our students, as you daily remember more and more that you are made of the stuff of the stars and are unlimited in your capacity to bring forth the one truth in all of Creation and that one truth is LOVE.

There is naught else; everything else, Dear Ones, is illusion. You have been valiantly releasing and letting go of old conditionings and the desires of the old systems that were in operation upon your planet for much too long. You are now ready to embark on a new journey, a journey to a world that is even now coming to pass as you go about your daily Light work.

We stand with pride and honor you, Beloved Ones. Know that our hearts are full as we do so. You are our beautiful shining Lights upon this planet and you are so very dearly loved and appreciated. Continue to follow your hearts and your inner guidance. This is where your strength lies.

I AM Melchizedek.


» Source – Marlene Swetlishoff

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