One Man Went Vegan and Quit Chemo, Beat Cancer

eatlightGiven only weeks to live, one man defied the odds and beat stage 4 cancer, thanks to a change in diet.

In an article featured in the Daily Mail, Rob Mooberry recounted how he was rushed to the hospital with a perforated colon back in July 2012. Scans later revealed that he had colorectal cancer which had already metastasized to other parts of his body, such as the bowels, lymph nodes, and liver.

It was then that doctors told the father-of-two that he would need to have a colostomy bag installed, as well as additional surgery in the gut. Furthermore, he would have to undergo two rounds of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The first round of treatment was able to reduce his cancer enough to be downgraded to 3A; however, this left him so weak and feeling worse about himself that he said he “couldn’t take it anymore.” He proceeded to look for ways to flush the chemicals out of his body before starting another round of treatment.

It was then that he started a plant-based, alkaline diet, with his vegetarian wife Amanda, after learning from research that indicated sugar and processed food increased tumors. The results of the switch were clear in the next scan – his cancer had shrunk by almost 80 percent.

Currently, he is in his fifth year of being cancer-free and raising two 20-month old twins, as well as running a small cancer charity aside from his bartending job to help other patients.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mooberry admits that the new-found attention he gained after his story became viral is new to him, particularly him being touted as a vegan advocate. “I’m not standing on my soapbox saying everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan,” he said. “But if you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: This diet.”

He also recalled getting the shock of his life upon hearing the news, since no one in his family had a history of cancer. Additionally, he was already into fitness – as he ran regularly and maintain a lean protein diet.

Prior to his diagnosis, Mooberry said that he had already been experiencing symptoms in his body – such as bloating and blood in the stool, as well as a change in bowel movements. But he decided to ignore the symptoms.

That was until July 2012, when he was hospitalized due to a “searing pain in his abdomen.” Doctors discovered that this was because of a micro perforation in his colon, which did not allow anything to pass by it. They also discovered that the cancer had spread in his body, which may have been lingering for over two years. Still, Mooberry persisted and fought the disease and began the arduous process of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“It was horrible,” he recalled. “I had to take time off work, I had no energy, I felt sick. That kind of medicine puts so many chemicals in your body.”

After his diagnosis, he committed to becoming as healthy as possible, mainly due to his developing relationship with his new wife at the time, Amanda. While his wife was already vegetarian, Mooberry decided to take it further and go vegan.

He started out vegetarian prior to his first chemotherapy, but with the looming treatments and the way it made him feel, he decided to be vegan “to save his life” and turned to raw superfoods.

The results speak for themselves. When Mooberry went for his CT scan in 2013, his cancer has been reduced by 80 percent. When he was asked if he wanted to continue with chemotherapy, he declined.

By 2014, all traces of the cancer were gone.


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    U of Alberta’s Dr Evangelos Michelakis dicovered DCA (BAKING SODA) reduced & cured cancer in 2007 no 2011. But like all the cures for anything it is hushed…


      Our local radio station 630 CHED & papers only cover MEDICAL MAFIA’S CANCER RESEaRCH to “FIND A CURE!” As always 1922 to date it’s all about the money & population reduction. UN’s agenda 21/30!

  2. Cheri

    Yes because cancer is ultimately an energetic disease!! Agree with you it has become big business and no western medicine will ever support a cure because the system is out of control and so far away from natural cures from our loving plants which have been mutated into big pharma and big disease!!

    There is a great you tube video from this Chinese non-surgical hospital that uses toning as a vibrational response to healing cancer. The video shows with ultrasound the tumor mass responding, it is amazing!!

    We have to get away from this savior mentality looking for cures within a broken system to our own energetic dysfunction. Easier said than done but we are getting there!! Love the earth, all answers lie with her!


      Thanks Cheri, I heard of it with no follow up but it is the same a ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE’S frequency. in his day 1920’s to 1934 when he proved it cured cancer in 12-16 terminal cancer patients by curing all in under 90 days. 100% SUCCESS!
      TODAY we are so dumb down few believe there are any cancer cures.As Rife said “9/10nth of the criticism is a cloak of ignorance.”



    Post: February 5, 2014
    I AM JUST THE MESSANGER! it might be against the law for this submition of truth & reality?
    “Please know your donation to “FIND A CURE” only help keep the cures suppressed!”

    You Tube-“Cancer the Forbidden Cures”
    -“Royal Rife – Suppressed Medical Knowledge”
    -“Laetril/Vitamin B17”
    -“A World Without Cancer”
    -“Sir Jason Winters Story”
    -“Jason Vale”
    -“Dr Lorraine Day”
    -“Dr Slainslaw Burzinski”
    -“DR Tullio Simoncini”
    -“Dr Evangelos Michelakis”
    -“Hemp Oil Cures Cancer”
    -“War on Health-The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny”


    The war of the doctors, in the 1800’s there were 2 medical mind sets, Alopathic Dr’sthat

    based their treatment on theory, believed in using bleeding, mercury, lead & surgury

    (before anasthetics) to drive the disease from the body. Imperic/ wholistic Dr’s that

    believed in using the bodies own defenses using vegitable products and small amounts of

    non toxic substances. The Imperics favored herbs from native Indian and european

    traditions, they based their remedies on observation & experience, “not on theory.” Then

    in the early 1900’s the medical schools had been taken over by the AMA & FDA with the

    monies 3 of the worlds elites, Carnagie, Morgan & Rockefeller. They donated to the

    universities and in doing so were allowed 1 to 3 board members to monitor their

    investment because they were also also in the pharmaceutical drug business.

    1922- Nurse Rene Caisse (Nothern Ontario) rediscovers cancer cure (no side effects) from
    patient that was cured from an Ojibway medicine man 30 years earlier. You can still buy
    “Essiac” a 4 herb mix, for about $50. MEDICAL MAFIA SHUT HER CLINIC DOWN IN 1943!
    1924- Harry Hoxsey “The quack who cured cancer!” (no site effects) at its peak he had 17
    cancer curing clinics and the largest in the world was in Dallas, TEXAS. Hoxiac is a 10 herb formula that I purchased for $20. MEDICAL MAFIA SHUT HIS 17 CLINICS DOWN IN 1958!
    1920s-Dr Maxamilion Gerson starts curing cancers (no side effects), and many other ailments with proper diet & colon cleansing. MEDICAL MAFIA SHUTS HIM DOWN IN 1958 but daughter started a clinic in Mexico, costs unknown.
    1920- Dr Royal Raymond Rife theorized how to cure cancer (BX Virus) then 1934 Royal Raymond Rife was set up with 16 terminally ill cancer & other diseased patients and 3 months to cure them all. All cured with no side effect, his reward was his clinic was destroyed & Rife went into exile. Medical Mafia shut him down 1934!
    1950s-Laetril/Vit B17 Ernest D Cremp JR
    FDA adds sanctions against Laetril in 1977
    Camelot Cancer Care clinic shut down by FDA/Medical Mafia April 2013
    1977- Sir Jason Winters 4 herbal mix no side effects, found cure in Bible.
    1977- Dr Stanislaw Burzinki’s anti Neoplaston cure cancers.
    1995- Dr Lorraine Day discovers cure in Bible and ancient recipe for health in he old
    testiment. Vaccines, Antibiotics and Depopulation
    1990s- Jason Vale discovers cure in Bible and beats cancer 3 times thanks to apple, appricot & peach seeds because they contain Laetril/ vitamin B17. Medical Mafia found a way to get him put in jail for 5 years!
    1996- Dr Stanislaw Burzinki won FDA approval after fightn them in court for years! His
    specialty is brain cancer, his clinic is in Texas they are still trying to shut him down.
    2010- Dr Tullio Simoncini claims cancer it a fungus & can be cured with baking soda?
    20??- Hemp oil cures cancer.
    2007- Dr Evangelos Michelakis at our University of Alberta discovers DCA (sodium
    dicloroactate) “baking soda” drastically reduces cancer tumors with no side effect. Old drug off patent.
    2000 years known spice Tumerica cumin

    Sorry if you’ve lost anybody to cancer, cancer is big business they don’t ever want it

    stoped. Perhaps its time to wake up to the reality our system is not for the patients

    but for the system. Chemo/Radiation is a 97% failure even surgery might not eliminate

    the cancer from coming back!


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