Heartflame: Republic Activation, Ascension Waves

heartflame eraoflightGreetings Divine Creators! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy)!

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.


Once upon a time in a Universe far far within, emerged a star, of the highest, purest light and love. A being of divine light, eternal, omniscient.

A key was placed within this star. In the depths of YOUR heart is the ‘cell’ of the Divine, the HEARTFLAME, or as many know it as the threefold flame, the flame of life. The colors of blue(power), gold(wisdom) and pink(love). The trinity, love, wisdom and power.

As this star, this Divine spark left the womb of Creation, chose to forget the essence that this ONE truly is, and went on a journey of exploration of the self, yes, but unique like no other and unimaginable by the rest of the Universe.

Traveling through the stars, for billions of years, exploring, changing, creating, expanding in immense ways. One day this being would end up on a planet called Earth.

There are no coincidences, nothing happens by chance. And such is the case for this star’s arrival to Earth, it was no accident.

This one CHOSE but was also CHOSEN for this mission. The Spiritual Hierarchy knew that the brightest and the most resilient would be needed for this task, for this mission to be accomplished.

A call went out and many, many responded. Many gathered, volunteered and eager to serve. YOU were chosen.

You chose to leave behind everything, your star family and friends. You chose to forget all that you knew, and come to Earth, put the veil on, and once more go through the process of spiritual evolution. Except this time you would not be doing it for yourself, but for Earth and humanity.

This time the ride would also be more bumpy. You had to hold the light for millions and millions of beings and not just for yourself. This is why you were chosen. The Universe always had and will never lose faith in YOU.

Here you are now. After a long long journey, exploring the infinite, you have arrived at the final stage of one of your many missions.

You stand at the forefront, ready to lead the new world. Your name shall be called oh so soon to step up and take charge. There are no more obstacles. It is all you and what you choose to do with what you have.

Now, once again it is time. The key, the heartflame we mentioned above, it is time for the starseed to turn within, for WITHIN is the KEY that will open the doors to that which you seek. The key to DIVINE love, wisdom and power. The key to expressing your full potential as a Divine Creator. It is time to begin accessing your heartflame once again.

It is this inextinguishable flame why you just won’t give up. This fire gives you will, power and hope to carry on with your mission.

You, the starseed now on Earth have used this key many times while in higher dimensions, while going through ascension processes in other star systems. You are now ready to realize your true identity, the infinite creator that you are, the true power that lies within YOU. And as you uplift yourself, you are uplifting this entire world.

Republic Activation

For the ones aware of the situation our world is in now. For the ones aware, not of the chaos that appears in the mainstream media, but aware of the good things occurring behind the scenes. Those of you reading these words, know that the Cabal is finished. As a matter of a fact the Cabal has been finished the day Donald Trump won the elections.

The Deep State new all along that he would not budge to their demands. He could not be bought. But most importantly he is fearless. He not only cares for this country of America, but he cares for the world, for humanity.

There is no doubt that he is of the light, though many may find this hard to believe, it is true. We must not forget that even the greatest souls are subject to EGO once entering the lower dimensions. Even the Archangels went through this. Such may be the case with the current American president.

However, we believe this man ‘purposely plays’ two roles. And we are certain that you know what we are talking about here. One role is him playing, let’s just say a crazy person. And the other role is him being the REAL Donald. The one who is fully aware of the situation at hand, fully aware of WHO needs to be ‘fired’. Fully aware of what needs to change and HOW to bring about this change. We reiterate this man is also fully aware that he is NOT ALONE on this mission, and this is why he is here now, this is why he was chosen.

We have yet to SEE proof or physical change, or any sort of action for one to be convinced that the Republic has been restored. But we say to you that the Republic was activated the day Donald Trump took office.

So much has been done to discredit this man, and to distract the masses from this truth, for the activating of the Republic. All the nonsense ends now as the Cabal is done. All is now moving forward, world wide. There is a great possibility that the official ‘announcement’ of the Republic may come prior to the Global Currency Reset.

The soul whom you know as Saint Germain has the final say as to when NESARA, the Republic, and the Global Currency Reset are to go public. Though we may not SEE him, he has another aspect of himself here, that is Donald Trump. And you can bet your ‘precious currency’ they are working together.

We are in the last stretch, we now find ourselves walking the white carpet, and the final steps to real freedom.

Ascension Waves

America and the world stand on the edge of a new reality, one of peace and joy. This process begun nearly seventy years ago. And now we may say that it is nearing completion. The Ascension process itself, the full integration from 3D to 5D will continue for another thirty to forty years, but the old 3D system itself is ready to collapse and a new one will take its place in an instant. Yes, ‘at a push of a button’. And once again, this will start with America.

Prior to continuing with this message, let us clarify that by saying the Ascension process will continue to unfold for another thirty to forty years, we are NOT saying that it will take Earth that amount of time to Ascend. Ascension is on schedule to occur in three waves. One being the Event(wave) within the year of 2018. Two, another wave of greater light in 2024. The third and final wave being in 2030. This is based on the energy we receive now, this is the highest probability.

In between those timelines, and in those waves, many will ascend, and stay there in 5D. Also many will ascend and choose to come back to help others. Every single soul on planet Earth will have the chance, or we should say many chances to make it to the new world. This is why the process has been so gradual, and as we said it will be in waves. The goal has always been, for as many as possible to make it through.

One more thing we will mention for those that are not certain about this. We use the term ‘ascension’ because the majority finds it more comforting. However, to ascend means to leave one place and go to another. This is NOT what is happening here on Earth. We are not going anywhere. It has been stated previously, we are ANCHORING the higher light here on Earth, we are BRINGING heaven to Earth. We are UPLIFTING our world by BEING THE LIGHT. The upliftment of consciousness, through raising our consciousness and vibration, WE ARE CREATING the new reality HERE, NOW.

The brightest light shines from within. From heart to heart, I AM KejRaj.


22 Replies to “Heartflame: Republic Activation, Ascension Waves”

  1. sarah

    So is the event wave thats this first wave suppose to make personal ascension easier after it happens? This is what I am getting when I seperate the event from personal ascension on a mass scale and see the event as a wave that effects peoples ascension process somehow.

  2. D Cris

    Except where ‘The Donald’ is an affront to lots of environmental craziness. Saint Germaine…doubt that. Trump is merely a ‘wild card’ playing his hand to stir the pot of our crazy planet and to help bring up everything so we may look at the issue to help heal and resolve. Not perfect, but a necessary player at this point. And for that reason alone…I can allow his actions by being able to see the greater purpose.

  3. Pat Gunter

    Dear KejRaj, This has touched me deeply. I wanted to send you a personal note but there is no contact info.

    I truly admire your messages and they resonate with my heart. Look forward to more.

  4. Brian

    Dear KejRaj, Please forgive me, but i think you are deluded or lying about Donald Trump being an aspect of Saint Germaine. Trump is a pathological liar, a racist, a misogenist, a traitor and a self deluded and self serving cretin. And i can prove each of these points to rational people. I think you are unwittingly carrying water for the cabal, because Trump is unquestionably a useful idiot for the cabal, at best.
    That you purport he is an aspect of Saint Germaine is laughable and destroys your credibility in my eyes and many others. Too bad you throw your reputation away for such a crazy, crude, creepy and cruel man is to be greatly mourned.

    1. divsy

      Judgement may oftentimes be difficult to manage as the author is expressing his opinion/truth. I am glad ego appeared in bold/capital.

    2. titaniumlotus

      Dear ONE Brian,

      I bless you for sharing your PERSPECTIVE of reality (Illusion) as you Creating/Co creating upon this moment, and many more to follow in each NOW moment upon your path.

      I FEEL your energetic share and DO resonate with that which YOU feel to BE real of the ONE that is Donald J Trump….Walk a mile in an-others shoes.

      ALL physical vessels/avatars are animated with the LoveLight of Source. BE it Dark hearts/Light hearts, ALL is ONE within creation, creating a new in ALL moments.

      The flow of Creating/Co creating/Creation is such that change manifests in ALL moments NOW = Change in ALL moments NOW. ONE can serve a LightLove purpose for the good of ALL in any new moment after serving a DarkFear purpose.

      Would that not serve a wonderful guise, DARK to LIGHT, for the good of ALL in this transition upon Gaia NOW. Perhaps.

      Perhaps this change of ONEs venue is a catalyst to throw the Dark hearts off their game.

      I have walked a darkened path in many previous incarnations, yet here I AM serving the Light upon this time.

      Love & Light to you dear ONE

      TitaniumLotus (Timewalker)

      1. Brian

        Excuse my bluntness, but you wrote spiritual gobbledy-gook. Trump is a living a serial lie. He is now a a genocidal maniac. Look up the definition of genocide. Separating children from their parents for prolonged periods is genocidal child and parent abuse. Wake up!

        1. titaniumlotus

          Dear ONE Brian,

          Much fear in you I FEEL. I share these words…..Attach not to drama…Create not Drama. For life upon this density is a blessing to BE and DO upon this time/NOW. A Blessing to which YOU are yet to awaken upon dear brother.

          I….Love YOU dearly for ALL that YOU share.

          1. Brian

            Thanks to all with true Love as their prime motive.
            He is a racist, misogynistic, pathologically lying, narcissistic traitor.
            Does anyone reading here believe pure fruit comes from a rotten tree? Trump has been rotten his whole professional life – builders in New York have to skirt the laws, deal with or associate with criminal union bosses, and bribery is a common practice.
            For those conversant in the cosmic language, he was born two hours before a total lunar eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius, thus he is very intense and most likely without conscience. He has Mars in Leo rising, so he is a bully very averse to admitting weakness of any kind, including mistakes…and forget apologies.
            He will sacrifice anyone to save himself. He is a bully/chicken, as shown by his self above all others attitudes. He admires dictators and autocrats, and despises service to other people. His demise, both legally and physically, will show his choices in life to be tragic for himself and all he attracts to his service.
            The one thing i will agree to is that he can be used by those who gain power over him. He is very afraid of consequences for his actions.
            More later…

        2. divsy

          For those that read the scriptures: King David eliminated his commander by sending him to the heart of the battle ground in order to keep his wife; and we all know the part he played in the said denomination.

          Our planet was set aside as a ground for duality integration – things don`t generally look the way we see them.

          1. titaniumlotus

            Brother divsy,

            Your Light quotient proceeds you.

            Script-your (scripture) quotes of the ONEs whom conquered Gaia, then set the narrative by script, may set ONE backward upon the path…or not.

          2. titaniumlotus

            Brother divsy,

            I conquer.

            Separation from Source, Duality, with the goal of polarity integration, ascension expedition, and return to Source was the game set forth from the Godhead counsels .

          3. titaniumlotus

            However…an artifact from a universe created for a select group of ArchAngels to sample uncreation/matter/antimatter/explosion/disassemble matter/creation = AI, some how (wink) escaped into a freewill universe of separation from source/polarity interrogation game.

  5. John Vahey

    E=MC2. Everything is music at the speed of the light within you. Let go and let Godspeed!