Q&A Session with KejRaj: Earth, Self Love, Atlantis

gowithin eraoflightGreetings Friends, It is I KejRaj(KayRy). These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Question: Hi Kejraj! I have a quick question to which I have heard many different answers already, but I want your thoughts on this. Is Earth overpopulated?

Answer: The short and simple answer is YES. Most when confronted with this question either hesitate, are not brutally honest, and or answer the question with ifs and buts and in the PAST or FUTURE timelines.

Example: Well, if we had done this and that differently Earth wouldn’t be in the position it is now, etc etc.

The truth is simple, always. When a society becomes so careless, so selfish, and feels the need to rape The Mother, burn, destroy nature, kill the body of a planet, in order to sustain itself, that planet is way over populated even if the population is seven million, let alone seven billion. And again we speak of the NOW. No ifs and buts or yesterdays and tomorrows.

Question: How old am I as a starseed/old soul?

Answer: Well, for one, this would require a soul reading to determine the exact eon, by a very advanced pure channel.

But what we can say for certain is this, you are older than Earth, perhaps even older than what you refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy. You were present and very involved in their creation.

Question: The Native American people that were killed by the invaders, where did they go next?

Answer: Many of them ascended. Many returned to their home worlds. Some went to Agartha through the birthing process.

Question: Where should our focus be right now to bring healing to the world.

Answer: Focus within. Heal the self, and you will see the results in the outer world as well.

Question: Is it true that Greek history is a fabrication?

Answer: Yes. Most forget or do not even know that Greece was an English colony. The goal of those in power was always to not only deter focus from the REAL ancient civilizations, but also ERASE any group of people through whom the TRUTH might make it to the light. So you must ask the question why so much attention was/is given to Greece by the mainstream media, mainstream archeology and historians and so on? Those in control have never given attention to the truth.

Question: What is one thing I can do to accelerate the process of ascension for my self?

Answer: Love and respect yourself. That is the most important thing any one can do in any given moment. Whatever you are facing in life, stop, breath, and turn to the light within. Realize your true beingness and embrace and love who you are, and know that what you are going through is only temporary.

Question: I have read in a couple articles that Atlantis will rise again. Are they speaking metaphorically or literally, and how true is this claim?

Answer: Yes, this is true, Atlantis will rise again, literally, physically. The continent will rise, there will be once again land mass in what is now the Atlantic Ocean. Now, the continent may not rise in its past, original form or shape, but it will rise, gradually.

Question: What is the God head?

Answer: We believe we have answered this previously. The Godhead is THE HIGHEST aspect of YOU.

Everything of positive nature that you experience, the Godhead experiences it you could say a billion times fold. The Godhead is YOUR PUREST form-less of light consciousness.

In the depths of your TRUE BEING, YOU ARE ALL THAT NOW. But than rises the question, so WHY AM I HERE?



YOU are here to RAISE THE BAR even for the PUREST LIGHT that is NOW.

Question: Are sports a good thing?

Answer: Competitiveness is low vibrational energy. This is why sports are huge on earth, not by chance, but by design. And of course for distraction of the masses.

Question: Can you recommend some natural antibiotics?

Answer: Ah yes! You can go with one of the most powerful plants, GARLIC! And of course onion, honey, ginger.

There are also vitamins that work as natural antibiotics; Vitamin D, C and E.

That is all for today. From heart to heart I am KejRaj!


11 Replies to “Q&A Session with KejRaj: Earth, Self Love, Atlantis”

  1. titaniumlotus

    A flat earth is an entertaining idea, however that theory would require distinct bends along its outer perimeter. A magnetic field on flat earth would not be uniform as a magnetic field is spherical, hence a flat earth would generate a very week field at the center, growing immensely stronger as you ventured to the edge/perimeter of a flat earth. Biological vessel cannot function in such diverse magnetic fields. Biological beings living at the center would be vastly different than the beings living at the perimeter of a flat earth…IMO. 🙂

  2. Wayne Hansen

    Why are you dividing the lightworker community by showing a spinning globe, since many lightworkers believe in the globe Earth and many lightworkers believe in the flat Earth?

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Wayne! Such is not the intention. We can show both if readers requested.

      1. titaniumlotus

        Wouldn’t it be fun to take a poll and gauge how many lightholders support the flat earth theory or sphere earth theory. 🙂

    2. D Cris

      Just pool some money and GO TO THE EDGE OF THE ‘FLAT EARTH’ and let’s get over this nonsense of flat. Why is no one willing to just go prove their flat earth notion??????? When you get to the edge take photos and few selfies, etc….expedition done!!!! Simple. And unless any flat dude is willing to do this simple task, then stop espousing the possibility.

        1. D Cris

          ??? Because if we are a disc and not a globe…a disc would have an edge. Are you suggesting that it goes on forever? Not sure what you mean.

          1. bodhimoss

            Why does it have to be a disc or a globe? Could be an infinite plane separated into sections by massive ice walls. There could be endless lands beyond the walls. The sad fact is we don’t really know, do we? Obviously what we have been taught is rubbish and decades of NASA’s faked CGI images require that we question everything.

            We know far less about our world than the ancient pyramid builders did because Modern Science is a religion based on faith in mathematical symbols. This is a very disturbing concept to most people, it’s hard to accept we’ve been scammed so blatantly and so thoroughly.

          2. D Cris

            To Bodhimoss….Sure, I’m an artist, anything is possible. Whatever you say is fair game. No one person is right, not you, not me, no one. It’s one evolving creative gesture of infinite possibilities on which no one will truly ever agree nor finishes.

          3. bodhimoss

            Being right is not the goal. There are universal truths and we will know them all once we start looking in the right direction using the right tools, instead of being blinded by indoctrination. Art, music/sound and light will guide us and yes, it’s definitely an evolving creative gesture. I’m a musician, we are the co-creators.

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