Arcturian Council: The Destiny of Humanity

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the destiny of humanity to ascend, and you all have chosen to be a part of that journey. This is a time of much deliberation because there are so many beings in the universe who want to help humanity. Now, in the same way that when you are teaching a child to tie his or her shoes it is better that the child does the majority of the tying, in your case, it is better that you all do the majority of the heavy lifting.

Now, what we mean by that is your pathway to ascension involves facing a lot of heaviness. It is why you are seeing so much negativity in many different forms on the planet right now. You cannot just have beings landing their ships and making everything better for you, removing those in power who are not of the light. You need instead to face all that is in front of you and take the emotional hits that you are taking.

Some of you are doing this in your personal lives, with family members, spouses, children, people who are challenging you in all of the many ways that they can. Others are more globally focused, and taking the hits from seeing the bombings and the shootings, the hate speech, and the divisiveness of your polarized society.

Here’s how we have decided to support you. We are going to continue to transmit unconditional love to the human race in order to activate more of it within you. But it is up to you whether you accept that unconditional love. At times you have to let go of whatever it is you are focusing upon that has you clenching up so that you can relax and receive.

And when you are open enough to do so, you will feel the love and light that is coming to you from the higher realms, and you will be able to look upon your fellow humans through the eyes of love.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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  1. Chris and my Guardian Angels

    Dearest Cherie

    I am 70 and once suffered extreme pain, just for a month, with sciatica. I met a lady who gave birth, three times, and also suffered from sciatica. I asked how does the pain compare? She nearly slapped me! Totally insulted I even dared compared the two!

    You gals are SPECTACULAR and after 9 months bearing a child and enduring extreme pain, you cannot wait to give birth to another.


    Without you brave Ladies where would humanity be?

    God bless you ALL

    And the Animal Kingdom

  2. titaniumlotus

    Dear brothers may I add this hint….Freewill universe, Deception upon our good WILL, Distortion of universal law. This last one I will add…WE ALL volunteered to BE and DO within this reality(illusion), then wake up and carry ourselves out of this mess upon our angelic wings, so to speak. Love & Light to ALL 🙂

    1. titaniumlotus

      I should add as well, WE all have our higher selves/ heavenly brothers/sisters guiding us from on high. WE ALL are pioneers in a one of, never before DOne within creation/source university experience. 🙂

  3. Chris and my Guardian Angels

    Dear Arcturians

    I quote…You cannot just have beings landing their ships and making everything better for you…

    Why not? You let the Dark land and turn this beautiful Garden of Eden into a pure living hell. The air is still being poisoned on a daily basis. So is the water and food we consume. Millions languish in jails. Billions are poorer than dirt.

    Worse, you allowed the Dark to tamper with our DNA! Creating mind-controlled monsters that kill at will. Not to mention vast armies that destroy on command.

    Lightworkers that come anywhere near close to challenging the status quo are All thrown off balconies, die in car/plane crashes, suffer heart attacks, commit ‘suicide’, or jailed indefinitely.

    The Dark will continue wreaking mayhem upon this planet and her population until FORCIBLY removed!

    About time you got that through your obtuse collective skulls!

    Have a nice day.

    1. Abdullah

      Well, Chris, I can, with deep compassion and love for you my brother, understand what you’re saying. I myself can’t begin to realize why this is so, because all is possible but our Higher Selves chose how this would go down, and we’re here to fulfill the “plan”. Hidden lies and darkness are coming to the surface so that people realize what they have been participating and engaging in, and to facilitate the collective to awaken. Just like we’ve been deeply asleep within the darkness, destruction and hatred, we need to wake up realize all of that we’ve been unconscious of, and actively face the heavy darkness which has been operating within this reality.

      I felt inclined to reply to your comment, you’re not alone in this. I’m sending you my love in hope that you’d accept it and let it surround you.

      Much love,

    2. Cheri

      Well knowing how deep asleep 7B people are in this reality still, it would be akin to starting a whole new religion if alien beings came out of the sky to save us. 1/2 would get out their guns and the other half would start worshipping them.

      My knowing says that this is an inside job (literally and figuratively) and why we are here to awaken and anchor the light, thereby changing the energy structure and our DNA which in turn communicates with all DNA and replicates the higher light both within and without.

      It has to come from the human race as we must save ourselves. This is a true organic structure.

      Exactly how this mess happened, I still have no idea because our memories have been infiltrated. But one thing I do know is that we are not victims of this system, just here to awaken, learn and integrate all the darkness (there by eliminating it with awareness and illuminating it with the light of truth) knowing we are safe and one within the all that is. Our souls are eternal, it is just the human biology that was hacked and hijacked.

      In reality this is all just suppressed history that we are becoming aware of so to us it seems very real and threatening and we are naturally outraged that this happened!! It seems they have been fighting these wars in our galaxy for eons and noone “won”.

      We are awake and aware which in itself breaks the alien matrix and now there are over 1M of us because of the momentum. It is all happening now and the energy construct is changing back to unconditional love because we are outside of the illusion.

      Now we just have to let the higher energies repair and activate the full DNA as this will officially win the war for earth.

      With love to us all as we heal within! 100% organic both planet and human!!

      Ps: I have to admit with love and compassion as Abdullah said, that these energies clearing right now are the worst I have ever personally felt. Anger, frustration, desperation and survival yeek!!

      I believe the divine plan is alive and well within, we just have to hold the light and love on high!!

      1. Chris and my Guardian Angels

        Dear Cheri

        The only people that are armed live in the US. Easy to land elsewhereI Your observations proves just how much our DNA has been tampered with. And with only 1 million reading these channeled messages, today, appears we got a long way to go before triggering the critical mass, whatever that is.

        I remember, in the summer of 2010, when AA Michael guaranteed absolutely NOTHING could stop Ascension on 21Dec 2012. Well…


        1. titaniumlotus

          Dear Cheri & Chris

          I align with your shares. Prior to 2012 I recall some channels of dear ONE AA Micheal did state an ascension date of dec 21 2012, some did not give a date. Those who did not give a date stated that the process of the divine plan unfolding is fluid, and BEing in a freewill universe, that humanity holds the keys to the actual timeline of ascension, in that WE are creating this event on earth. WE are BEing assisted by many across the veil to complete the Mother’s divine plan for Gaia and Gaian’s. IMO 🙂

          1. Cheri

            Hi all thanks for the comments fun to share!! You guys are right it has been a seemingly long waiting game!! Part of me thinks that we have to understand like you said Titanium Lotus that this is not the normal plan of individual ascension but for the first time ever we are ascending as a group with an entire planet so we are waiting for the majority of our brothers and sisters to awaken and join in creating their ascension timelines because it is a miracle of creation that noone can quite predict.

            So right now with all this revelation going on about the world control structure it will wake up a lot of people who are outraged at the deception which is a good first step for major transformation in mass consciousness. You can see in the alternative media all the indigo souls awakening in the truth movement. Very cool!!

            I know that we who have been holding the love and processing the light for many years now have changed the energy construct which will not support war and dysfunction anymore. Only truth and justice in harmonious balance.

            I know this in my heart. They have lost the advantage of the dark support in the astral and within these infiltrated timelines.

            Chris you are right about Americans and guns, we are still fearful of having our independence trampled on but look what happened, our country was hijacked right under our noses while we worked our butts off to pay taxes to feed the Illuminati. The media has greatly hyped the use of guns over here. The reality is most people are responsible. I hate guns and weapons as nothing good can ever come from them!! It is the directed energy weapons in space that are our biggest threat which I think the galactics are working on to protect us from this insidious control of the frequencies we resonate to.

            Part of me feels like we wouldn’t be able to see the higher dimensional beings yet anyway unless our frequency was high enough to match their vibration.

            This impatience we have is part of the frequencies they are pushing within us. The higher dimensional beings can not create our future timelines we have to do it. All they can do is help us awaken. This small but mighty group of ours has changed the energy and created our own new earth timelines to support all that is happening now to bring down the control structure. This is a huge job!! The lockdown of both the human and planetary biology was absolute!! They never saw us coming from within the very system they controlled!!

            Love you!! Thanks for sharing!! I am going through this alone and it really helps to reach out and share!!

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