Who is KejRaj(KayRy)?

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM KejRaj.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Today I wish to give you a brief introduction about my self. Who I am, where I come from, and how EraofLight.com came to be.

kejraj eraoflight.jpgI am KejRaj(KayRy). I have chosen this name from a different lifetime in the Pleiadian star system. My Earth name in this lifetime is Halil, which means ‘honorable comrade’. The name KejRaj, the first part of the name, Kej is pronounced simply like the letter K. The second part, Raj, the ‘aj’ is pronounced like the word ‘eye’, the letter R and ‘eye’, KejRaj. To simplify things, KayRy. The name itself is etheric in origin, which again to over simply its meaning, it means ‘that which shines the brightest’. It is a name which I have used while I was in the Pleiadian star system.

Here on Earth, I was born in the little country known today as Kosova(ancient Dardania part of Illyria), South Eastern Europe.

Below is the symbol how my name is written in Pleiadian;


Before the migration of the humans across the galaxy from the Lyra star system, I was in the Lyra star system. I experienced the Galactic Wars, the destruction of our home planet which Earth today closely resembles. Before ‘today’s Earth’, there were two other planets that have been destroyed in the Galactic Wars.

Our modern Earth today is the Third Earth, that very much resembles the other two. This Earth today was and is becoming part of the Pleiadian star system once again; also where the Grand Experiment is all ready successful. Where the Divine Plan is unfolding. This Earth will lead the rest of the Galaxy and the Universe towards the light.

About 215,000 years ago I came to Earth as an extraterrestrial with friends and family from the Pleiades, where I spent time in Lemuria, simply observing and learning as much as I could.

It was not long before I returned back home and made the decision that it would be worth the experience to spend more time on Earth. So I left everything behind(all is in the heart) and decided to volunteer when the call went out. I incarnated here on Earth. First for a short period in Lemuria and than went to Atlantis, where I remained there ’til its demise.

After Atlantis I went to what is known today as the Balkans(South Eastern Europe), which once was known as Pelasgia, later Iliria(land of the free), and today these people are known as Shqiptar or Albanian. And the ancient language which is Pleiadian in origin is still spoken today by over seven million Albanians in the Balkans. Of course over the millennia the language has evolved, nonetheless the ‘seed of the fruit’ has not changed.

I spent lifetimes in modern day Ireland, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Pelasgia(modern Balkans), and Rome. Where I was beheaded with a group of people for standing up against the tyranny of the emperors. I have had many lifetimes in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

I have been here on Earth for about 215,000 years. It isn’t easy to wrap my mind around that. Now I live in America, in the state of Michigan.

As we move forward, this nation, known as America will lead the world to peace. Though this has not been the case in the past, this is America’s destiny.

The soul always seeks to serve, through that, the light within expands. And that is the position I found my self in, how can I serve this world in a broader way. I do not have the means to travel, to hold conferences around the world and such. But I can serve via the web, and join the internet collective. So I decided to create this webpage, EraofLight.com and share as much as I can with humanity. There’s been great times and tough times while managing the webpage, by myself, I must say it still brings me joy when I know how many appreciate what we do here.

Through the years the webpage has changed, it has evolved in a way I will say. The number of posts we make daily has increased. We have added more categories. The number of visitors has grown exponentially. I must say the page has grown beyond my expectations. The positive feedback I receive is amazing, it feels great, just makes me want to do more and more, and so I shall.

If you have any questions about me or related to the website, please feel free to contact me via email, eraoflight777@gmail.com

As always, from heart to heart, I AM KejRaj!



15 Replies to “Who is KejRaj(KayRy)?”

  1. Doug

    Thank you!! It is hard to wrap our minds around how it all really works! Many cant fathom the reincarnation cycle.. Past lives how did you remember all of yours?
    This reincarnation trap wasnt what Source intended I assume but rather due to the archon control technology?
    How close are we to compression breakthrough? All are anxiously waiting for the wave to hit..to wake everyone up!!
    215k yrs is a long long time how long have humans been imprisoned on Gaia?
    Did the Annunaki create humans 1.0 only to have other ET groups manipulate our genome? Again Bless your website it is great keep up the good work..i cant attend conferences and plus this can be viewed anytime anywhere far more important right now! Victory of the Light!

  2. Cheri

    Beautiful share KejRaj!! I now totally can feel your mission and it is wonderful!! I am so honored to meet your presence!!

    Even though I know who I am and have been in full mission with my team for 6 years I still have no past life memories such as you describe. Your memories are amazing!!

    With so much love and joy to you and all on this website. We are a family of light and united we stand in love!

    I am Cheri of the soul monad Hilarion
    House of Ra
    Order of the Seraphim

  3. titaniumlotus

    Thank You KejRaj for sharing you Etheric lineage. I have felt/feel most drawn to the Arcturian lineage for many years. I was given a surprise encounter while in dream state one night a couple years back. In the midst of a dream, an Arcturian opened my left eye as she was sitting next to me, while I laid flat in their craft. It was as clear a vision as if I were wide awake. She slowly closed my eye and I was back in my dream, to which I promptly woke up, at home about 2 am. The vision of her and inside the craft will never leave me.

  4. Rcardo Perpina

    Thank you my Brother of the Light for your incredible contribution to our ascension process. Your blog is one of my favorite sites that helps keep my vibration high and tuned to the creation of heaven on earth. Keep on keeping on my brother. “That which I want for my self, I want for all others.” -Golden Rule of Toledo- For we are all ONE.

  5. Nan Spring

    Fascinating info! I only know a very little about my previous lives. Thank you for sharing yours.

    1. petterra2529

      Gracias amigo, por todos tus escritos, y gracias por lo que haces por todos nosotros especialmente los que estamos en La RV /GCR. Un fuerte abrazo