Akatu: Vladimir Putin

thebluerayFriends Of Light!

There Has Been Much Speculation About The Ongoing Relationship Between POTUS and Putin.

This Is Very Much Like Watching A Movie Within A Movie. As You Live Your Life As Actors On A Stage, You Remain Concerned With The Acting Abilities Of Others.

We Speak This In Humor But We Wish To Bring You Back To Your Own Truth.

We Remind You Often That Nothing Just Happens And Major Events Are Planned In Advance By The Higher Self Before Arriving.

Each Being Is Sacred And Whether A Simple Labor Position, A Great Artist, A Cleaning Lady Or Man; Each Has Great Purpose And An Appointment With Destiny Here And Now.

Breathe Deeply.

Now We Speak To You On The Deep And Ongoing Friendship Of POTUS And Vladimir Putin.

We Have Taught You That POTUS Is Indeed Archangel Uriel Incarnated.

We Remind You Again That Putin Is Also Of Light.

He Is A Pleiadian Walk-In Here For This Moment To Tie Up World Issues Before The Event.

All Is Happening As Planned.

These Souls Are Great Friends Now And Before Incarnating.

What You Are Observing Is A Finely Detailed Plan.

This Is True Acting And POTUS At His Finest.

He Is Well Aware Of Cameras, Microphones And Placement Of Those Who Wish To Hear Him Speak And Twist His Words.

He Is Strong And Confident And Is Never Without Pleiadians In Every Meeting, Every Flight And Each Negotiation.

These Two Friends Act Professionally With Reporters Present And Then Laugh As The Best Of Friends When They Are Away From Prying Eyes.

There Were Never Russian Hackers As Reported.

This Was The Very Reason For The Response Of POTUS At The Meeting With Putin.

POTUS Is Continually Badgered By Those In Office That Wish To Bring Him Down.

At Times He Seems To Play Them Well.

He Says Exactly What He Needs To Say To Keep The Peace And Shut Them Down.

The Upcoming Meeting With Putin Coming To The White House Is Both Business And Pleasure For The Two Close Allies.

They Will Play Their Part Publicly And Then Join With Those Of Our Pleiadian Group And Have A Celebration Such As Those We Have Each Moment.

Do Not Be Fooled By MSM Or International Reports. You Must Know By Now You Are Being Fed An Agenda.

For There Is Nothing But Peace And Harmony Between Two Of The Closest Friends For Millions Of Years.

Now You Can Smile And Cut The Strings Of The Puppet Masters.

Putin Is MENISKAREE From Merope.

Live In Love!

We Rise In Light!



» Source » Channel: Kabamur


3 Replies to “Akatu: Vladimir Putin”

  1. Cheri

    Great confirmation, loving both these men and praying for reunification of the entire earth in a world that works for all of us once again!

    The dark ones of the media are screaming at an all time fevered pitch and thrashing about spewing lies and hatred across the airwaves as these two men bring peace to the age old conflict the dark ones constructed to bring about our final destruction.

    There are still some of us especially in the US still affected by the fear frequencies they are broadcasting in but overall optimism has never been so high in our country. The world fights for freedom and we are definately winning as the energy construct no longer supports the service to self agenda of power over others!


  2. Doug James

    Awesome news! Odd NBC doesn’t report this same information, lol! Every day the MSM tries hard to discredit both Putin and Trump, thus we know both are of the Light and playing their roles leading up to the Event. We cant wait for more dominos to fall that cant be ignored by the fake news but mainly we want the news agencies to be taken back and speak truth for once. The game has ended it is time for truth now. Victory of the Light!