Archangel Michael: The Peaceful Warrior

archangel michael eraoflightGreetings – I am Michael. Welcome, welcome, welcome my blue brother of peace, my blue brother of love, my blue brother of truth.

These are ‘standalones’ and they are not dependent upon agreement or alignment even with those that remain – and choose to remain – recalcitrant or in the chaos or simply uninvolved. Truth is not a matter of consensus. Peace – yes, does try in the physical world that you occupy to build consensus, but the peace within, the peace that you carry, the peace that you share is not dependent upon human agreement or even acknowledgment.

The path of the peaceful warrior – might I say the warrior of love, the warrior of truth – can be very lonely, and you, sweet one, have truly walked that path, and I do not merely mean as you walk the perimeter of this beautiful City of Light. And yes, the City of Light is coming forth and it is indeed being polished and cleaned up – in some ways you might think of [it as being] irradiated with truth and peace.

How do you know this? What is the metric, what is the measurement that we use and that you use to see how this progression is going? It is in the joy factor of the human beings – and particularly those who inhabit, who work, who visit this place called London. There is not a sense of being stuck in the quagmire of chaos. There is a sense of excitement, of the new percolating – simmering – on the back burner, an ignition of the inspiration factor of the people that walk these streets… even those who fly over!

This is the true reflection and measurement of how things are progressing. The final step comes from what you think of as the ‘upper echelon’, the ‘top tier’, the organisations, the political, social, financial institutions and structures. Because they are the most resistant – because they are the most entrenched in ego and self-interest.

But as more and more people… yes, the populace – this is a basis of many civilisations, when the populace is not interested and in their own way becomes recalcitrant to play that game – then the game is over! That game of abuse of authority and control and hatred and greed. And even when you think… and we are looking at the people, the individuals, regardless of station who are what you can call or think of as the placeholders in these ancient, erroneous – let us call them that: erroneous – societal or financial or political institutions. Even they are tired of that old game. Even they are saying, “You know, I would really like to have time out… I would really like to have something to do to call my own… I would really like to retire from this!”

So increasingly you are going to see that shift away from those that are really interested – eager, excited – to fill those positions, those cement structures that have come to represent and to hold the energy of control. The reason why I say this to you – and to many, by the way, this day – is that it is important that the ‘updates’ shall we call them, on how these various procedures work – lightwork, lovework – how they are influencing and truly shifting not only the old paradigms but infusing the entire City with the new.

So, my beloved brother of blue, of gold, you are doing well and we thank you, we support you, we commend you – and we beg you to continue!



Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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