Archangel Michae: Reasons for Delay in GCR/RV Release

aa michaelI have regular channelled sessions with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon and although neither the channel nor the entities channelled give ‘dates’, I do get regular updates from Michael on the overall progress of the GCR/RV.

My most recent session with Michael was on Saturday, September 15th, and as usual we discussed the GCR/RV situation. He was very clear and explicit during our conversation about the reasons for the ongoing delays in the GCR/RV release ‘time and time again’ as he put it, and that as part of the Mother’s Plan – albeit a very small part – this re-evaluation will not… cannot be released while individuals motivated by greed and control would misappropriate the funds to do harm. A very clear reference to the cabal/Deep State operatives!

However, he was also very insistent that the GCR/RV will be released in the near future. Later, discussing one of my major projects which I have been hoping to commence this year – a project also dear to his heart – he said that we are still expecting to embark on it this year of 2018.

Here is the transcript of our discussion on the GCR/RV matter:

Elias: Once again I start by expressing my ongoing gratitude to the Mother and all of you for the continued protection for my daughter and I here in this little flat in London. But we do continue to struggle a bit in these cramped quarters and with the ongoing financial constraints as the days, the weeks, the months, the seasons come and go relentlessly with no relief, despite the intel that we continually get that the GCR/RV process is complete and despite the encouragement from you all over the past year or so that it remains very close. But I know last time we spoke [August 1st] I was hopeful that the intel we were getting that we might get this Blessing sometime during August was accurate, but I just wonder if there’s, you know – without going into dates of course as usual – whether we are still very close and could expect it… well, sometime this year?

Archangel Michael: Let me begin by offering you yet again, my patient friend, the reassurance that yes, you are safe and protected in this small home that you share with your beloved daughter and this Hussian cat. And also reassure you that your next sacred space is also protected and that you will have this. And this is important because as I mention hope – hope is key, hope is the ‘fuel’ very often that keeps you going, and I am fully aware of that. Let me also say that the Mother’s Plan and the Unfoldment of that Plan, and this tiny piece – even though for you on Earth it feels very significant, it is but a tiny piece of our Mother’s Plan – of this RV business, was intended to already be complete by now. But has there been human free will ‘acting out’ shall we say?

Now, let us also be clear this is not about – the delays are not about – massive interventions that are required, but it is about pivotal human greed and that this cannot be permitted to be one of the driving forces behind this re-evaluation of society. Now, are we fully aware – of course we are – that there are those that are simply in this for greed and the desire to continue to exert control over others? Yes, there is that element and that has been taken into account, but you cannot allow the free will – and we will not override free will – but we will not give this type of abundance to those who would use it very actively to do harm. So it is even better to delay rather than to allow the use of these kinds of funds – and power by the way – to in fact harm and set back what is already underway very nicely in terms of the Mother’s Plan.

So that has been the delay that you have experienced – time and time again. We do not pretend or wax eloquently that this has not been disappointing and despairing at moments, time after time after time, but we do wish to give you the back story – and that is it. And yes, I continue to tell you, to reassure you, to confirm that this re-evaluation is at hand.

Elias: Right. Yes, we hear a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes with the takedown of the Recalcitrant Ones, shall we say, and we hear that there are some 50,000-odd sealed indictments waiting to be acted upon, so I guess basically until some of these Recalcitrant Ones have been taken out of circulation there’s still as you say a risk that the funds could be misappropriated.

AAM: That is correct – but I also suggest to you, my beloved friend, do not believe everything you read!

* * *

The recent intel on the ongoing takedown of the Deep State suggests that we may see ‘the sky fall’ on them next week and that with the release of the unredacted FISA report the way will be clear for the opening of indictments and the arrest of the Deep State main players.

It seems to me that when this happens we should be in a position for this much delayed part of the Mother’s Plan – the release of the GCR/RV – to go ahead.




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