Hilarion: The Change You Wish To See

hilarionBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Many changes are occurring within the consciousness and awareness of the Earth’s inhabitant’s and it is of prime importance at this time in Earth’s and cosmic events for the people of Light to continue with great and steadfast determination to daily align themselves to the highest Light, truth, frequency and timeline that is possible for them to safely embody and hold within them. This is assisting the forces of Light to prevail and endure as it is being anchored, in order to expand that Light into the planet’s central crystalline core.

During these times, there is much that is of chaotic nature that assaults the thoughtforms of the collective consciousness. As seen and witnessed in many previous situations in many different places upon your planet, the hearts, minds and souls of the Earth’s people come together in love, compassion and inner goodness in mute testimony of the true capacity of the human heart to overcome the effects of these assaults by bringing forward the highest and noblest sacred qualities inherent within them.

As they embody and become the change they wish to see in their world by following the inner promptings of their soul, a new way of responding to the temporal happenings that are taking place upon their planet is emerging. In this way, they are creating the new Earth reality template by choosing to emulate the higher examples of those souls who once embodied human form upon the planet who ascended the baser human instincts of their times and thereby changed their world for the better.

It is in this way, by making choice in full consciousness, that each soul incarnate upon the planet, creates a new reality, a new way of living and being, a new Earth that will support the next seven generations and all of the souls yet to be born that yearn for the experience of a golden age of enlightened living. As the Earth is restored to the Garden of Eden which is her true Divine blueprint, she is meant to manifest the structures necessary for the happiness, joy, well-being and expansion of learning, growth in understanding and consciousness that each soul living upon her contributes to the Source of All That Is for the greater unfolding and good of All.

This requires the free will conscious choice of each inhabitant each day to live and express the sacred qualities of the Divine in their interactions with each other. This is what each human being needs to remember in this moment of now. It is a choice that is made internally and one that can quietly be implemented in all their thoughts, actions and deeds. There need be no outward action taken, just the inward determination to BE a more refined, loving and compassionate version of their current human experience and to a strong desire to create this in their life and the lives of others also.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.



» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama