I Love To Laugh, Will You Join Me?

divine love eraoflightdotcomGreetings, it is I Kejraj!

May I tickle your soul in this moment?… All right here we go!

*** How many Ascended Masters does it take to uplift Earth into the 5th dimension?

None… That’s the Lightworkers job.

*** God made contact with a man, and said to him; “I Am You and You Are Me”…

The man astoundedly responds; “So you’re going through a divorce as well? And you’re about to lose your house? And the time you spend with your children is limited?”..

God says “Umm, never mind”…

*** I met Archangel Michael in a dream state, for some reason he just couldn’t stop laughing.

I repeatedly asked him; “what is so funny?”

He finally replied; “All these channelers forget to add one thing at the beginning of their channeling;”

I ask; “what’s that?”

He responds; “Intended for entertainment purposes only”.

That is all for today!

2 Replies to “I Love To Laugh, Will You Join Me?”

  1. Blake E Conley

    I thought those were good, in that there was an element of insight in each of them. Individuals who identify themselves within a given demographic / sociological group and who cannot take a little harmless jesting that pokes a bit of fun at the logical weak spots of that culture’s premises, or who can never create mild self-deprecating humor are to be both pitied and suspected of having an oppressive agenda. There should be a New Age version of the Christian self-satire ‘news’ The Babylon Bee.

    1. Amanda

      @Blake – I agree completely. Sometimes it feels as if I’m an outlier amongst the outliers. Glad to know that I’m not entirely alone.