Melchizedek: Unseen Influences

lord melchizedekBeloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse in this moment of NOW about the unseen influences that are bombarding your planet. Because it is all on the energetic levels, the masses of humanity upon your planet are not aware of the greatness of the changes and the most sublime of opportunities that is available to those who are discerning at this time.

The personal experiences within each human lifestream at this juncture are reflecting the higher Light that is streaming and spiraling into the atmosphere around you. As many of you have noticed, what you are experiencing in your personal life is a microcosm of the bigger perspective of the evolvement of your planet into higher realms of consciousness.

The Earth is cleansing the density that has entombed her for far too long. There will continue to be much cleansing and many changes taking place as she strives to shake off the lower densities in ways that will do the least damage to her beloved inhabitants.

It is important at this time to remain centered in your heart and to practice feeling the pulsations of your higher heart, emitting your Light out into the world. The daily anchoring of your Light and the cosmic love energies that flow through you into the crystalline core of the Earth helps in maintaining as much stability as can be managed and still effect the transformation that is needed during these times.

Your efforts are much appreciated by dear Mother Earth, as it is her inhabitants who must set the intentions to create positive loving changes in order to transcend the old paradigms that are now crumbling. Those who have been doing this work for a long time know that all that came before these times is in the process of transmutation and even those systems that were relied upon before as stable are being changed by the new energies coming in.

The theme for the rest of this year is CHANGE. Be prepared to be of service by adding your Light and your love to any situation or event that come up as this process of growth, expansion and progress continues to unfold. Those who are led to these messages are those who have been employed in the service of the Divine Plan in ways that assist in keeping Divine Order as the energies of seeming chaos do their work in these times.

Viewed from the higher perspective, these times show that there is not one facet of life upon your planet that is not in some way undergoing deep changes that will affect the next seven generations in a new and more meaningful way. All of your efforts to maintain calm and stability are creating greater grounding for the higher energies as they flow into the atmosphere around your planet and are assisting in this task. These energies need to be assimilated by the Earth and all her inhabitants so that the physical transformations can take place as required.

Many celestial events are occurring that humanity as a whole is not aware of and these will continue to take place even as the stretching and reaching to higher levels of understanding continues to expand upon your 4th dimensional world. Many occurrences that defy explanation in both your personal and planetary constructs will continue to take place and these will help humanity to make the shift in their awareness to the realization that something BIG is looming before them.

They are now required to awaken and take notice of the events and changes that are before them. There will be a movement forward in the consciousness of humanity to seek greater levels of understanding in order to comprehend their part in this drama that is unfolding. They will begin to understand what is required for them to make the transition from the lower densities to higher levels of thought and applying practical applications of these new ideas.

These times require clarity of thought, purpose and the will and intention to continue to follow through on your determination to BE the change that occurs upon your world. Stay focused, Beloved Ones, and keep on keeping on!

I AM Melchizedek.



» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff