Archangel Uriel: Shine From Your Radiance

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcom.jpgThe beautiful light within you is meant to be your reminder of where you are from, emanating from Source as a spark of divine light. But it has been dimmed through the suffering and trauma which can remind you of the dark places where your light is not welcome. For many lifetimes you have been the light for those places and focused your efforts on lighting a path out of the darkness for others. Now you can shine radiantly, expanding your light in all directions. For this you must focus your light inwards first, use your light to shine from within and then radiate your light, sharing from the point of your joyful energy.

When you think of shining your light consider shining like a bright star, in all directions, rather than lighting the path before you or shining your lights towards the darkness in the world you believe requires enlightenment. You are a better light source when you radiate light from your own joyful energy than when you shine from the point of obligation, even when that is done with the most sincere intention.

The next stage of ascension is on the level of multi-dimensional potential. While you believe this is a battle between dark and light it is really a struggle between those who wish to continue the dominance of the third dimension and the opening of the portals to higher dimensions of being. These higher dimensions radiate with light, they are light-filled and their energy is joy.

Imagine radiant light that shines in every direction, from every angle, from everything so that everything you see is radiating light. See how the different lights blend together and highlight each other so it is impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends? There are no individual lights shining by themselves, there is a single radiant light that shines everywhere.

This is light radiance, and it is your 5D mission. It is possible when you are congruent in your energy and focus on radiance from your entire being. As you focus your light within, light up each cell, focus on bringing light to each part of your body, from your feet to your head, front and back. Then see your light radiating from you in a brilliant sphere of light that bursts forth from every part of your being. Create a sphere of brilliant light that shines from within and radiates out from you.

This is radiance, this is your new soul mission for ascension, and this is your new way of being in service to the light and a light beacon for humanity with joy as your purpose and radiance as the blessing you share.


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