January 2019 Energy Report

new earth eraoflightdotcomSo if you thought the new year is beginning with a big forward energy push and huge downloads for this very important new year, you’re right, it is. In fact, we have several things happening in January that contribute to the overall energy theme of the year, as well as a momentum that begins this month and builds all year long, leading us to January 2020.

January’s energy will help us get clear, awake, and enlightened with a pure focus on 2019’s theme of creativity. We’ll sail through the month best when we use its energy to concentrate on our intention, intuition, and vision for our life path. And we’ll do that by continuing to work on boundaries, connection, and congruence to create harmony, peace, and joy.

January’s first week features a new moon lunar eclipse that sets the stage for the year. In Capricorn, the sign whose traits include discipline, organization, structure, and success in the world. Do any of those themes relate to what we see happening in the world today? What structures are being dismantled? Who is in the news? ‘As above, so below, as within, so without.’

The inner worlds of spirit and the outer worlds of matter are merging into a continuous flow of energetic synergy, manifestation, and duality which is multi-dimensionality, the full 3D/5D ascension integration.

What was separate is becoming whole.

What was hidden is now visible.

What was cloudy is now clear.

Once we have wholeness, awareness, and clarity we are ready to examine new potentials and invite new energies to support them so we can create congruence, harmony, and connection to the self, Self, and Source unanimity.

But don’t worry, we have a second eclipse on January 21 that is even more powerful. All of the energies of January are clarity focused, meaning they help illuminate, enlighten, clarify, and open our awareness to what is going on in our lives, with our energy, and open us to new potentials and possibilities.

Clarity is January’s theme and it is not the warm fuzzy buzzword that so many use (like soul, life purpose, and heart-centered). The purpose of clarity is to make things clear, to open a portal of understanding and awareness and bring light to situations that have been dark, dense, and obscured. We need to see a problem and identify its source before we can begin to create strategies to work around it – that is what clarity does.

One caution for January – if you ask for clarity you will get it and it may not be what you think. As I said, clarity makes things clear, it identifies problems and bestows awareness and understanding but it doesn’t solve problems. In fact, it can make situations appear worse before they get better because with clarity we can receive confirmation that what we thought was happening or suspected was correct.

Sometimes we learn things we don’t want to know or clarity’s light shines on something we don’t want to see.

Now that we are faced with clarity’s facts, we can take appropriate action.

Clarity is supported by intention and strong boundaries because they begin moving energy flows away from what is distracting us and focusing our energy into more well-defined and intentional pathways. Clarity can remove distractions but only because we now see their true nature and purpose and can choose with awareness rather than through unconsciousness or habit.

The best way to use January’s rather intense energy is to be firm in our intention for the peace, joy, love, abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment we want in our lives.

What are we ‘filled full’ of at the moment?

What do we want to have a fullness of in our lives?

Clarity reveals what has been concealed. It points out the blocks and limitations and their source(s), then intention and energy boundaries take over so we can move from chaos to congruence, from divergence to harmony, from darkness and density to light and freedom, and from dimming our lights to shining with radiance. It’s a strong month which begins a very important and powerful year.

So make the most of its energy to get clear, congruent, connected, and confident to make 2019 a truly fabulous year. You are the CEO – Creative Expansion Officer – of your life – keep your focus on the energy you want to expand. You have the power; you are the authority in your life. And you have creative power – use it with awareness, intention, and consideration of the life you want to live and the world in which you want to live it. Have a great month.


Copyright (c) 2019 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com