Ascended Master Afra(Overseer of Africa): Re-establish the Glory

master afra eraoflightdotcom.jpgBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I am one who lived upon the Earth eons of time ago and ascended the Earthly realms along with others of my kind. I am Afra. I am one who oversees the nation of Africa, which is named after me. The cosmic events that are occurring are adding greatly to the upliftment of all upon the Earth, and I have observed that even those in my beloved country/nation of Africa who live in the utmost poverty and deprivation have within their hearts the flame of hope. They have the desire to live upon a world that is filled with the Light of love, peace and harmony.

Even in their most darkest moments, that flame within them is never extinguished. I say to you, beloved Lightworkers of the world, that flame of hope is being ignited by your efforts, your actions and your love to envision peace for all upon the planet. What you, the beloved Lightworkers do in your daily lives affects the entire planet and all of her inhabitants!

Every minute action, thought and intention that you make adds to the greater good, and I look forward with great anticipation to the events that will re-establish the glory of the Golden Age, the glory of God that radiates from within every heart upon the Earth and the goodness and greatness that is within them.

I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to come through to speak with you, and to add my voice and my support to you. I ask you to remember my children of Africa and direct your love, even for a few moments, to them, that they may be empowered in these precious moments of the Earth’s history. Your love is sustenance to them; your love gives hope to them. The greatest gift that you can give to your sisters and brothers on the Earth with you at this time is your great love and your great Light!

I ask you to also send love and healing Light to all of the children of the black race wherever in the world they might reside, so that they might be heartened by your love and filled with hope for a better future for their race and for a united and peaceful world for humankind. Each human heart has within it the spark of the Divine, there is no division or separation and all are as one in the eyes of the Creator of All That Is.

I see in a future time a great Light streaming forth from Africa, that Africa will become a great beacon of Light in the world, the new world. I am greatly pleased to see those of you who feel in your hearts that you wish to work on a daily basis to send healing energies and empowering love to the people of Africa and to the people of the blue/violet race upon the planet.

I ask you to call upon me and I will join you and magnify your efforts. Know that I am also one of the Ascended Light realm; and am intimately involved in all of the inner workings of the Divine Plan for the planet Earth and her inhabitants.

Do call upon me, it is heartening to be acknowledged, it is heartening to have this opportunity to speak with all of you and I am deeply grateful.

I AM Afra!


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff