Ascension and Symptoms Follow-up

third eye eraoflightdotcomYesterday I heard from quite a few people regarding their Ascension Light-Body Upgrade symptoms, so I’ve compiled a list here, in case any of you are feeling ANY of this. Just so you’ll know that it’s, um, normal: (1)

Sleep-pattern interruption: Wired in the middle of the night. Can’t sleep. Exhausted in the day but still can’t sleep at night.

Physical restlessness: Legs or arms that get the “jumpies” or shakes. You literally feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean.

Ear buzzing. (2)

Forgetfulness. Short-term memory shot. Long-term memory perfect.



Agonizing, deep-seated pain in knees, back, neck, etc.

Weeping on and off. (Even while I’m weeping I KNOW this isn’t me. I’m transmuting for the collective. That’s what I tell myself anyway. Or I’m releasing whatever.)

A weariness you don’t think will EVER end.

Food and diet shifts. Foods you used to love, you can’t stand anymore, food you didn’t like you now crave, etc. Want to eat. Don’t want to eat.

Digestion issues.

Skin break-outs.


Feeling bloated and heavy but you haven’t eaten anything.

Being on a short fuse. Sometimes quick to anger, like in a flash, over nothing.

Mood swings: Despair to Joy and back again in a nanosecond.

There are more, but those are a few I’ve been hearing about.

The flip side is that wonderful experiences are also abounding.

So while the physical body is maneuvering the Intensive Galactic Energies pouring into Gaia, and Humanity is receiving more and more Light downloads and DNA, Chakra and everything upgrades, the Mental, Spiritual and Emotional bodies are opening up to wonders and beauty and deeply loving feelings for Gaia, her Kingdoms, Humanity and the Galaxy.

New ideas starting to seed.

New visions.

New ways of living your life.

Stepping back from other people’s drama.

THANKFULNESS for your life and for all things.

Greater sense of Happiness.

Greater connection to All There Is.

Feeling more in the flow. Seeing synchronicities.

Letting go of relationships that don’t work.

Welcoming new relationships.

Greater Psychic abilities.

Ability to cognize complex ideas easily.

A friend, and very gifted astrologer, Peggy Sanders, texted me the following after reading my blog:

“And, if not all your symptoms cannot be ascribed to Ascension symptoms, consider this Astrological evidence:

Mercury, our thinking planet, is still Retrograde creating fuzzy thinking as well as impacting our communication devices and is in the sign of Pisces, which is water and rules water, fog, and the veil between the worlds dead conjunct the Lord of the Oceans, Neptune! May as well just meditate as try and speak.

Sun is squaring Jupiter causing tension in our vitality and sense of well-being the moon in Scorpio is trining that Mercury Neptune conjunction making things still very water logged.

Girl planet Venus is being a total nut in Aquarius and is in conflict with boy planet Mars which is being fairly nice in Taurus, if a bit stubborn.

Uranus is in 0 degrees Taurus opposing moon in Scorpio making for anxiety.

And finally Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn! Affecting our teeth, bones, skin, knees, aging us!

Oy vey!

Saturn conjunct Pluto, the biggest of the baddest planets, running around together in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of the manifest material world, is THE culprit for much physical discomfort and aging of these bodies. AND they have NO sense of humor, what’s worse!

Capricorn rules our physical structure.” ~ Peggy Sanders

I told Peggy I’ve been feeling very in-between lately.

We are in-between two worlds. The old 3D is crumbling, if not gone entirely and only vapors are left, but the New 5D world hasn’t yet manifested. At least not for most of us. We are living in-between.

Our old dense 3D bodies are disintegrating, but our new Crystalline 5D Light Bodies have yet to manifest. In-between.

Magenta Pixie recorded a new video that addresses this point: In-between. She also discusses the Sunshine Equinox Gateway, March 20th/21st2019.

Sunshine Equinox Gateway, March 20th/21st 2019

Many of us have lately realized that we’ve been “clearing clearing clearing” for 20 years, at least. Clearing Family lineage, old relationships, traumas, sorrows, etc. Linda Dillon told me, that because so many of us have been doing deep inner work, those that come after us, and those in the higher dimensions, won’t have to do it.

That is a thrilling thought. If the decades of clearing my within, with therapists, healers, and in workshops across the land, will release others from having to do it, then it was worth it.

As far as Ascension goes, I remember reading a channeling a few years ago from Jesus. In it he said, “You guys are lucky. You get to Ascend in your physical bodies. I had to die to Ascend.”

And that is the point. THIS Ascension, THIS collective Ascension has NEVER been done before. In the “old days” a Saint or Master or highly evolved being, would DIE to ASCEND. WE are ASCENDING with Gaia, her Kingdoms, and Humanity, in our physical bodies, in a collective Ascension.

It’s understandable, therefore, that there might be a few kinks in this brand new experience. We are an experiment. If it works with us, it will work with other civilizations.

When I was feeling particularly grumpy about something, I told Linda, ‘I’ve got suggestions for the Galactics and Angelics in charge of this Ascension, on how to speed-things-up!’ Jeesh.

It sometimes feels like we’ve been Ascending for eternity.

But my friend Tink, reminded me, “To God, there is no time. All this is happening in the flash of an instant!”

Ahhhh to live in timelessness. I guess we soon will be… again… if you see what I mean 🙂

xo, Kat


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