Saint Germain: Attuning to the Divine Flow

saint germain eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! On the path of Light that you walk upon, many possibilities are presenting themselves and coming into your awareness. This means you are attuning to the Divine flow for your soul journey and it is incumbent upon you to stay the course and stay true to your path. Do not look elsewhere for the answers, for they are all contained within you. What is the right way for you may not be the right way for the path of another and so we do not judge self or others as we all continue the ascension process. Your own Eternal Divine Essence guides you every step of the way and we from the Ascended realms of Light are here to assist you wherever and whenever we can.

There is a plethora of information that abounds upon the web of knowledge and ideas known as the internet. Anyone can research any subject they have interest in and find the answers that resonate as truth to them and then do further explorations into paths they did not conceive of before but which in some mysterious way, they are led to and given insights that were needed. This current time is a period when each soul learns more about self, what makes them unique and special, what they have in commonality with others in their sphere of influence and even further afield into cosmic and universal concepts that apply to all souls in this universe and beyond. Truly, the magic and wonder of creation is just beginning to unfold!

As they delve into the mysteries of themselves and all of creation, they find some essential truths that cannot be ignored. One of these is that their planet is the home that they live on and it is where they experience their soul journeys and soul lessons and they see that this essential connection must be appreciated and nurtured as one that is necessary. Our planet is destined to become a luminous star in the cosmos and the ascension process is part of the larger picture of what is written and foretold in the annals of cosmic knowledge. Each soul then begins to see that their individual conscious contribution to this greater unfoldment of expansion and spiritual growth for all helps to accelerate the process for the entire collective of humanity who is reaching for greater heights on their spiritual journey.

It is in this current period of time that great acceleration, expansion and growth of potential within each soul is occurring. The knowledge and insights that used to take a lifetime or even many lifetimes to achieve can now happen within hours, days and months! Such is the impetus of the Light that is streaming into the Earth’s atmosphere. Each soul that can recognize this opportunity for advancement in soul evolution is now stepping up to the plate and focusing their attention on their current state of being and where it is they wish to go from here. It is good…it is as it should be and it means the individual is on track with the destiny they have chosen to walk the path of in this current lifetime.

For many individuals, this is the completion lifetime of the former cycle of incarnational rounds in the experience of duality in its various forms in matter. Much has been learned about what it means to be a responsible God being and they have discovered that they must embrace and love all of it as an integral part of their spiritual journey. They have learned to discern the middle way and to walk their path with high integrity, truth, respect and honor in a harmonious, peaceful and balanced way. This has created more Light within their physical bodies and this Light is radiating in ever greater concentric circles of circumference which ultimately joins with the circles of Light radiating from and within others of like mind. This has created a unity field of consciousness that has great potential for positive development.

I AM St.Germain.

» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff