Precious Currency Holders

a new light on mother earth eraoflightGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.

We live in the most exciting times don’t you think? Regardless of the ups and downs in our world, the foundation has been set for peace, and nothing can alter that outcome. The Collective of Humanity demands it, and it shall be.

What remains of the Cabal is very small. And they are scattered all over the place, not knowing where to run or hide. They do not even trust each other anymore. Their agenda has failed. Cabal members are being sent to certain places on Earth to answer for their crimes. Also many of them, higher ranking ones are being taken off planet for prosecution elsewhere.

A while back I shared an article stating that the U.S President is awaiting signal from the top guys in the Alliance. Once that signal is given, the ball rolls and nothing will be able to stop it. To say the least, all has reached a boiling point, all are eager to move forward, including the Alliance members. It is a matter of time before the major dominoes fall. One of these being the Global Currency Reset.

It is estimated that there is thirty to thirty five million precious currency holders world wide. They are all ready to go, or at least they think they are. Very few actually have laid out plans of what to do with the abundance they will receive.

First, let us say that this is not an investment, and it is important to stop seeing it as such.

Be grateful to Creator, to the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, and the various ancient families here on Earth for this blessing.

You are and you are not the reason why you have precious currencies in your hands. Does that make sense? It is not because you were smarter than others. It is because you were chosen. You were guided by someone higher to take part in this because of the potential you have.

It is time to connect with the force within, if not all ready done so. To expand your awareness, so when the GO has been given, you know exactly what steps to take.

This a-bun-dance is an energy that must be directed towards the greater good of all.

Now, can you imagine if all the thirty million souls or more that hold these currencies, taking part in this process, going beyond the mentality of “money” and materialism, seeing the greater picture, and choosing to expand their consciousness, arriving to the realization that they are more than they’ve been told. They are far more greater than they’ve been led to believe. To know that they have infinite abundance WITHIN, that they have a great light within that is waiting like the dawning sun to shine for the world.

Friends, this is not about a new religion, this is not about a “new age”. This is about SELF REALIZATION. This is about truth. THE TRUTH THAT EACH AND EVERYONE OF US IS A DIVINE BEING OF LIGHT. With limitless potential, with infinite power, and a great RESPONSE-ABILITY for our selves and surroundings.

We must now release all that does not serve humanity as a whole. Move forward together. As the PHYSICAL ANGELS that we are, we are achieving peace on Earth.

Light, love, peace and joy on Mother Earth.


7 Replies to “Precious Currency Holders”

  1. Iridescent1

    Thank you Cheri, for your comment. I see that the RV (and GCR: Global Currency Reset) is simply a stepping stone to the time when Humanity will no longer need money, or use money, at all. I see a world where we have evolved beyond the need for a monetary currency of any kind, and life will be quite different, in every way.

    By first utilizing money as a tool, Humanitarians will help to financially EQUALIZE Humanity. Financial struggle and strain will no longer be the main objective for survival and happiness. People will finally live without the need to spend their time and energy on financial achievements, i.e., “the daily grind” or the “competitive edge.”

    I realize we have a way to go—to get to this point, but I feel that we for sure will. I SEE and FEEL what those days will be like, and keep visualizing and imagining how things will be for all of us, and of course for our beloved Nova Gaia. We as a species will ascend to greater awareness, insight and mastery.

    I believe that’s why this Era of Light message stated that “this is not about a “new age.” This is about SELF REALIZATION. This is about truth. THE TRUTH THAT EACH AND EVERYONE OF US IS A DIVINE BEING OF LIGHT. With limitless potential, with infinite power, and a great RESPONSE-ABILITY for ourselves and our surroundings.”

    It’s understandable that folks feel exasperated about whether the RV will happen at all, because most have been waiting for quite a few years.

    However, as I have learned, the subterfuge implanted by the Deep State/Cabal is not only multi-aspectual, but the deceptions of their “control programs” run deeper and longer than we could even imagine. I feel that this is the main reason why the release of the RV has taken so much longer than anyone anticipated, or wanted.

    I’ve also learned that the RV is not a hoax or a scam, and that it will for sure happen; we just need to hang in there for it. The multitude of details, including the removal of all Cabal mechanisms and puppets, especially for our security, need to be dealt with.

    When the time finally comes, the great responsibility of financially jump-starting the new paradigm will then be ours to undertake. May we all create with integrity, grace and ease.

    Blessings and Light!

  2. Doug James

    I think the.zim and dinar were promoted by the cabal as Nesara isnt intended to make anyone rich. Just debt free and with enough to be free

  3. Shiverspirit

    I am a lightworker and I must be way behind the game. I have not gone out and purchased boatloads of zim, dinar or any other currencies for that matter. The issue has always confused me as it seems to somewhat go against what I perceive is the REAL reason for GCR. Or did I just miss the boat? Can someone please be so kind as to explain to me what is actually going on with the GCR and why I read so much about all of these currency holders being bestowed with gazillons of dollars? Or if you can point me to resource that actually explains simply how all of these folks were guided to go out and purchase all of this currency? Almost every lightworker I know barely has enough for rent let alone the ability to purchase “precious currencies”. I seriously must have missed something along the way. ANY insight would be sooo appreciated!

    1. J

      Hello, there is an idea that forces we have gravitated towards have guided us to pursue currencies. I personally sacrificed my ‘life’ out of the system to follow what’s real to me.

      No physical interaction has occurred to guarantee it being true. But I feel I have worked enough and am content with or without the currency. Its been thru ‘channelings’ that this would occur.

      Now I’m comfy with what I have and will fight and be at peace, however if life wants to push me to another level, there’s this opportunity. I have vietnamese currency.

      Disclaimer: it has been over 5/6 years since I bought currency NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. I DON’T RELY ON OUTSIDE CIRCUMSTANCES I WORK WITH LIFE AS IT IS NOW!

    2. Cheri

      I tend to agree with Doug and Shiverspirit. The thing with this whole currency reset to do so called lightworking is that it feels to me totally imbalanced and an inverted energy exchange structure. You buy cheap currency from impoverished nations who have suffered under the decimation of their wealth hoping to make a killer profit when some magical powers re-evaluate the currency and then provide charity and humanitarian efforts. This is the cabal blueprint if you ask me. An organic system requires that each nation produce (which is creativity and empowers people) and trade their goods on the world stage for an equal value to gain independence and self sufficiency. The world has suffered because the cabal gamed and rigged the system not because these people are less than we are and require our “charity”. The allied forces are taking down the cabal globally period. They are not going to manipulate the currency with control (this is what the cabal has done). Anything “free” to ensure economic security is a poverty mentality and requires others to produce and give you charity is imbalanced and requires government control. No real ascended masters are going to be urging you to buy currency, give you stock market tips or look to some construct to save you. However I see the good hearts within this belief system as a 3d interpretation of abundance. I totally get that we are all struggling because of the false control that’s been asserted on us. Trump is making America an organic system again and showing the world what free and open trade looks like. This is leadership not control. The world will morph into an organic system by our example. Stay positive though and envision what you want but don’t follow money for spiritual enlightenment in my opinion.

  4. Iridescent1

    WE are honored to have been chosen for this Divine Commission: as the Champions of Source, Ambassadors of Mother God/Father God, and Light Mirrors of Self-Realization — the truth of our very existence. We BE-COME what we always have been: ONE Love.

    1. Cheri

      You know J and Iridescent1. I have been strongly feeling energy lately and just wanted to comment on how beautiful and clearly I felt the very high vibrational energy within your responses. I sometimes can feel my repulsion of this currency reval thing as it feels like it is a diversion but I have to admit that it is a judgement and bias by me nonetheless (probably based on my last life as a hermit hahahaha! Although I have no major problems with abundance like J articulated so well. I have a repulsion of money being tied to spiritual enlightenment). So I can feel the pureness of your hearts in this which gave me great pause yesterday and last night I dreamed about the reply from Iridescent1 and felt the energy (gosh that unity thing kicking in hahaha!). The truth is what is in our hearts and that is all that matters. Some of us have to create and manifest tangible results here in 3d. And you both have the 5d perspective which I salute you for articulating so well! Blessings onward we go! For now like another reminded me on this website we could all use some extra cash hahaha! The flow will flow within the vibrational match to our energy.