Trump: Intelligence Agencies Were Used Against An American President

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomGreetings! It is I Kejraj here. A few weeks back I wrote an article stating that Trump should be making bigger steps towards taking down the Deep State and revealing “deeper secrets”. And the best way to do that is by mentioning in every speech the IRS/Fed, J.F.K and 9/11.

In one of his latest tweets he says the following; Intelligence Agencies were used against an American President.” This should NEVER happen to a President again!”

Can this be a sign that he’s about to drop bigger truth bombs?! We shall see.


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  1. Justus Love

    I would like to pause and send our commander and chief some white light……shauuunshauuun.glory strength and resolve Mr. and Mrs. President.glory to This time let peace begin to blanket or hearts. And let’s prepare to forgive some very evil crimes against Humanity.

    1. Cheri

      Amen Justus!
      I send them my light every day! Macron just lost his election too! Times are a changing quite rapidly if you ask me! Let peace prevail as truth and all the lies are revealed and hearts are free to open once again to love! 💓

  2. Cheri

    We have to be patient and let it unfold because the corruption is deep and infected world wide! But things are happening! One need only look at the politicians to see the MK Ultra programming breaking down. Nadless Nadler fainted last week in a meeting and Nancy Pelosi can not string together a coherent sentence nor count. They all look like walking cadavers!

    May resigned today, Mifsud and the corrupted Italians were fired. Trump said he is sending 1500 very talented people into Iran! Just like North Korea just enough to take down the deep state!

    If we could just get the media operatives revealed. Even Fox has gone pretty dark during the daytime programming!

    Stuff is definately happening! Did you see that Covfefe won the Preakness!!

    Go team light!

  3. Doug James

    I agree! Are there sealed indictments? Is there a 911 tribunal underway? Is the RV real? When will he use the Presidential alert to shut it all down and educate the people they are on a prison planet and all has been a lie to keep them in low 3D? We all want to see something tangible something that validates all we know to be true.

    1. Mark

      The is a 9/11 Grand Jury in NY currently underway comprised of architects, engineers, the families of those that died, etc and it is happening. This only started about 2 months ago. The sealed indictments are also real and the RV. Trump isn’t going to panic everyone….besides this isn’t his show….it’s collectively been a few decades in process.


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