I Received An Invitation From The President

the future is now eraoflightdotcomA gloomy and rainy day it was, after a half hour meditation, I just set in the living room, relaxing and wondering about a few things. Unexpectedly a man came to my door with an envelope, hand it to me and left.

Yes, I was a bit dumbfounded. I set back down, opened the envelope, it was a letter. I started reading the letter, as I am reading each word my excitement is heading towards the sky.

What was this letter about? It was an invitation from the President Donald Trump himself.

Astounded, it seemed like I had no choice, I mean how do you turn down something like that, so I started to pack and headed to Washington D.C.

There were some things I had to get done, a few procedures before I could meet the President himself.

Finally the moment arrived. I was waiting in a small room, as I lift my head, I see the man himself, President Donald Trump walking towards me.

You would think one would feel anxiety or perhaps intimidated to be meeting the President of the U.S.A, or a man like the Donald. But no, I was over joyed, filled with excitement as I shook his hand. Our conversation took off as if we had met many times before.

The President of course a very busy man, many places to attend and so on. So he simply asked me if I’d be willing to follow him, and speak to him wherever we stopped. I agreed.

Such a humble man, his energy so uplifting, nothing like that of what you see on T.V.

As we continued our talks, at different places, I looked at him and said, “I have a few questions”, he responded by saying “by all means”; I asked him “Are you aware of what ‘we’ are trying to do with the IRS and the Fed, they have to be destroyed? NESARA must happen now” He said “Of course, I know all that is going on, we are on the same team.”

We nodded our heads, and I said “I have one more question”; “What about the Global Currency Reset?” His response was “No, we may not see it at all”. I was quite surprised to hear that from him. I said “What?! How come?”; His response; “I’m not certain, there’s more work to be done.”

After all of that, much excitement, and a little bit of disappointment about the GCR talk, I slowly opened my eyes, and even though it was only a dream, it felt so real, as if we were  really working together on this, bringing light to this world. And I know within that we truly are on the same team. All lightwarriors are. So hold your light, and know that no matter what, you are here for a grand purpose.

I am Kejraj!



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  1. Cheri

    Omg KejRaj yay! What a great vision from the creator in a lucid dream! Thank you for sharing. You know I feel this very strongly too from him (DJT) just that he is part of the light team or allied light forces and very inwardly connected to his power within and divinely guided as I am always fiercly defending him! Plus my work in the timelines is part of the divine plan afoot and I can feel the multidimensional coordination going on.

    His true nature is humble just look at older videos of him on you tube, very lovely, caring man. Has always been generous to others as he built his empire. It is the media and matrix mind control through the brainwaves that gives a false perception of him. One has to feel him with the heart and light warrior spirit awakening in us all. He never lies about anything which is a true sign of integrity.

    At this point he is becoming a national and world wide reflection for the creator within because he so visible. The good people worldwide totally get him and feel the plan even if they are not aware quite yet spiritually. He is a giant mirror. Whatever your thoughts are about him are a reflection of where you are at in your own embodiment and emotional clearing as we are all indeed one!

    WWG1WGA! 😘

  2. Leef

    Yes, we are all on the same team working towards the same results! I never doubted that President Trump was not working towards the same goals as the Lightworkers and Light warriors! Namaste!

    1. Dave Dunaway

      Thank you for sharing that dream. I so appreciate all that you are doing for the team. You and Donald.


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