144,000 Activations

angelic being eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart with great love in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart center. Tune in to the light within you.

At this time there is great change occurring in our world, but many choose to see it as just chaos. The old is being rid of, and no one said it would be leaving peacefully.

On an individual human level, our physical vessels are going through quick and higher upgrades. Our etheric, emotional, and mental bodies are being integrated more into our now physical reality. The higher light of our soul is bursting into our now consciousness.

On a collective Earthly level, change is happening in all the kingdoms of Earth. And Earth herself is receiving immense amounts of light through our Sol from many different larger Suns such as Alcyone, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Galactic Central Sun itself. All of this is assisting Earth and her inhabitants in clearing, releasing the old paradigm, and making room for the new divine matrix of light.

All that has been unfolding for the past few years, energetically and physically, we will excitedly say that if you thought up until now the energies have been hard to cope with, and the outer world has been nothing more than a “disastrous stage” of bad acts, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

It is most important now to turn your focus within once more, and allow your light from within to shine for yes it is greatly needed, and swiftly put into use the moment you set your intention.

There is also another exciting time arriving. The day quickly approaches, the moment when the 144,000 are fully activated. In turn, the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth increases multi fold.

What does this mean?

The 144,000 are all ready being sought, and discovered by many. This is just the beginning. For the 144,000 will not only work with a few, but will take higher roles and are to lead the masses.

Everything that we are experiencing now will seem so little compared to what is awaiting us.

Time in particular will speed up even more. Our experiences will become like a highlight reel on fast forward. And if you are not focused, lighthearted, grounded, your film tape may very well get jammed.

More and more people are becoming aware of their governments lies and are not taking it anymore. A greater number of humanity is to rise against tyranny, and new leaders are all ready being elected.

In all of this however, for those who are aware, they will notice something beautiful emerging from the ashes of the old. Nova Terra is rising, guiding her children, restoring the alignment to her original blueprint, and claiming her rightful place in the stars, and fulfilling her destiny.

I am Kejraj!