Saint Germain: Cleansing Layers

saint germain eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The cleansing and purging of the layers of your whole being are leaving no stone unturned, so to speak. And as the insights come in a sequential flash of ‘the whole picture’ it becomes incumbent upon you to trust in what is being received and perceived. You are being simultaneously shown the blockages to forward movement and the surprising reasons for them.

This can put your human operating system into a holding pattern as you try to assimilate and cope with the revelations that are occurring. You are however, equal to the task. You see with great clarity what is, and this helps you in your ongoing spiritual adventures. You see where in your own psyche you might have held a weakness that attracted these revelations of negative onslaughts to you and quite easily make the necessary adjustments to be free of them.

These happenings are occurring to try to snag your attention back into fear modality but if you have nothing to fear, there is no foothold that these energies can latch onto. It is important to stay aligned with the Divine and your own higher aspects during these times. Reaffirming this alignment many times a day can help you to stay firmly on your own magnificent path of Light that you follow.

We wish to also bring to your attention that the more of your Divine Light that you embody, the more you will initially attract others to you who will project their sensing of your Light in a way that is undesirable and unwelcome to you. Stay free of these energies, for you owe these ones naught of your own soul’s advancement. Intend that your soul and entire human and Divine operating system is inviolate from parasitical energies of any kind.

Each soul must accrue their individual Light through their own efforts and along the way many times, they are given Divine dispensations to accelerate this process. It means that you as soul have earned this right to have greater Light shining from within you. You have shown yourself as one who is always willing to take full responsibility for all their thoughts, words, deeds and actions and that you as soul are capable of using this added Light for your own and others highest good.

This dispensation cannot be a mere reflection of someone else’s Light and evolved energy, it must emanate from deep within the heart chamber of each individual. Each individual therefore, must know themselves inside and out for this activity to take place with grace and ease. Each individual must discern whether what they are experiencing is their energy or if it comes from others. When one is fully aware of self in all aspects, this process keeps one always in a state of clarity.

I AM St. Germain.


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff