Archangel Metatron: Stand in Your Light

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to speak to you about a most important consideration for you, the Lightworkers. At this time there is much that is changing within the world, within all its institutions, within the energies and events of the Earth herself. There are thoughts and feelings that are bombarding each of you and I come to remind you how important it is for you to continue in your spiritual disciplines and to stand in your Light.

Always bear at the forefront of your awareness and thoughts that you are Emissaries of Light upon the Earth – that your function at this time is to hold your Light and keep it shining brightly and not get mired into the energies and events of the world. We realize this is a tall order and very challenging but there is a greater purpose for you to do this, for that is the function that you chose to perform at this time in service to the Divine Plan.

We from the ascended realms of Light are here at this time working together. In the current cosmic events that are taking place, everything is coordinated, everything is in place. What is necessary is for each individual upon the planet to understand clearly the roles that you have chosen to play. As those who anchor in the new energies into the core of the Earth, this in turn imparts this new energy throughout the entire system and helps very much with keeping the forces that are at work stabilized to a great degree.

It cannot be totally eliminated, for there is the karmic factor at work in many spots of the world, within many people. Nevertheless, your service in this way is helping to keep the Earth and all her inhabitants in a more stabilized condition. If you were not performing this service, there would be more catastrophes and sorrowful events. So please understand how important each of you is to the Divine Plan and to the Family of Light at this time.

We are in the midst of great changes and it is important for you to stay very, very centered and to spend some minutes each morning remembering who and what you are and why you are here at this time. It is important to not lose yourself in the energies of others around you. You have done your work, you have done due diligence and now those who are just awakening are beginning to experience that which you have already experienced and cleared from your beings. Stay loving, but detached, Beloved Ones. Remember your function and purpose here at this time. Remember that you serve the greater Light.

All is proceeding very well, the new energies are making their way within and around the Earth. Visualize a Golden Rainbow Sphere each day that surrounds and protects the Earth and all of her inhabitants. We of the higher Light realms are keeping very, very busy overseeing all that is now occurring and ensuring that all goes as peacefully and harmoniously as possible for all upon the Earth and the Earth herself.

It is Prime Creator’s intention that the Earth ascend with all her inhabitants into the higher dimensions and this is occurring, but there is a great deal of activity while we are in the midst of it. We ask for your assistance in this way and we are very grateful to have more and more of the Lightworkers awaken and understand how simple it really is to give of yourself in service at this time. Those of you who become aware of the importance of standing firmly in your Light and running your energies through the science of decreeing, please be aware that one can start this discipline at ANY time in order to lend ones energy and assistance.

One does not have to feel that because you have come to it a little later than others that you are therefore, somehow excluded… you are not. We depend upon ALL of you and we ask ALL of you to lend us your assistance at this time in whatever disciplines that you are resonating to, whether it be decreeing, meditating, through prayer or visualization, in whatever way you could give assistance in the days ahead, please start NOW, Dear Ones.

And so, we thank you with great gratitude for all that you have been doing, achieving and accomplishing and we hope that our association of working together in unison will continue.

Archangel Metatron.


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff