Chrysocolla Crystals: Integration of the Heart Chakras

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWe, the Chrysocolla crystal consciousness come to speak to humanity as they traverse a dimensional shift in consciousness. We assist with the healing and opening of the higher heart chakra and Divine feminine energy integration. As humanity moves forward into the dawn of the long awaited Golden Age, we can assist with the achievement of wholeness within. This is necessary in order to step fully into the higher dimensions. Ours is a healing and soothing influence that empowers the individual to trust their heart promptings.

All crystalline beings were seeded on this planet in the long ago in order to add our energy to the evolution of this planet and its life waves. There have been many ages that have come and gone and we lay dormant during the epochs of density that befell the planet and her inhabitants. We served a limited function of holding gently our greater potential as we waited for the enlightenment of the human evolutionary process to take place once again.

When the great crystals beneath the surface of the Earth began to vibrate and oscillate in response to the influx of powerful cosmic and sound energies being sent to the planet from many stars and planetary systems, we, the Chrysocolla crystalline beings also began to awaken to our greater potential, along with every sentient being on the planet. We now have a greater capacity to facilitate healing and harmonization within human energetic fields which in turn facilitates healing within the physical body.

We can assist the further integration of the Divine feminine energies which are nurturing and loving in their effects upon the human operating system and this opens the heart chakra more fully, cleansing all stuck and crystallized energies in that chakra and also the throat chakra. This empowers the individual with an increased ability to communicate with others in a heart centered manner.

We assist in bringing hidden talents, abilities and creativity from within each individual which they can express and share with the world. In this way, they have the potential to bring much beauty into the world. It is a higher attribute of the Divine feminine aspect of the Creator. We assist each individual to express a balanced nature and greater awareness of self. We can assist in bringing an individual’s entire chakra system into alignment with their Divine Self. This will energize them in a powerful way that strengthens and connects them to their inner intuitive knowing. Working with us during quiet times of contemplation or meditation will help quiet the mind and balance the emotions.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to make our presence known.


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff