Mary Magdalene: Current Cleansing

mary magdalene eraoflightBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Lest it be forgotten, I serve the highest Light of the Divine. My role and function is to awaken the hearts of humanity with the remembrance that they are also Divine sparks of the Creator of All That Is. As such, I am in resonance with this Scribe who also serves a similar role. During these times, there are many more layers of belief systems and ingrained mental programming that is rising to the surface of one’s thoughts in order that they be recognized as part of the old system and old paradigm…judgments and criticism of the ‘other’ is part of the current cleansing that is occurring. Many of you are re-experiencing once again the belief that you are ‘not good enough’ or that someone else is not good enough. In God’s Creation, all are whole, all are perfect and complete, there simply is no such thing as ‘not good enough’. God’s kingdom desires to see every one of its soul sparks live their life in joy, happiness, fulfillment and attainment of all that is precious and means so much to them.

Look then to your own soul growth and trust the impulses coming from within your own heart. Do not seek validation through others as each individual is on their own specific soul path and can only relate to you through their own individual experiences. Some of you have taken on the role of “the experiencer” of new developments occurring within the human vessel and this experience is shared with others as they comprehend and make sense of it so that others get a clearer picture of where the Earth and humanity are currently headed. This is a very difficult role to experience and so we give these ones encouragement to continue their Divine service to the All That Is in this particular way. There are those individuals whose task and role is to assist others through energetic activations at specific locations within the energetic pathways of the human body that will assist in clearing any blockages that impede forward progress. This too, is of great assistance to those who feel a resonance to partake of this service.

Each individual has a specific role to play during these times and it is important to honor each other as each is called upon to perform, utilize or engage their particular gift or service in their desire to assist their human siblings, for now is the time for this service to be offered and given as many of humanity begin to seek the answers to their many questions regarding the spiritual path of each soul. Many of you are ‘bridge builders’ between the current Earth reality and the higher dimensions, holding that space so that others find their way with greater ease than what was required of the ‘bridge builder’. You find that you are attracting to yourselves people who are in peaceful and harmonious resonance with you and that all interactions with these ones is filled with friendship, goodwill, peace and harmony. People coming together in oneness and mutual respect is happening without any fanfare or attention; it is just quietly manifesting everywhere within every human heart and they are acting on this impulse.

This is in such stark contrast to those of the old paradigm way of thinking that it is hard to focus and remain fixed on that past way of expression and being. It is being immediately dismissed and rejected by the wise ones as they go about living their daily existence, for they discern that it is a way of being that did not work so it is therefore meaningless to pursue something that holds no practical relevance for them. The foremost thought and feeling is: “how will this serve the highest outcome of what I desire to experience and also be good for others as well?” The focus will be on insuring that every individual experiences their life in the happiest and most joyful of ways. Those who embrace and live their daily life in this way simply cannot be influenced by the old ways of doing and being because they see the beauty, wisdom and Divine order of the new way of illumined living that serves the good of all.

We bring you this perspective in order that you understand the energetic happenings that are occurring in current Earth time reality. What is required of you wise ones is to maintain your faith in the Light by holding and embodying more of the Light within your own physical body, thoughts and consciousness. It is still at times, a difficult process to experience but it is well worth it in the end result. You may have been noticing that the veils between the dimensions are much thinner than before and that your own guidance from your Eternal Divine Essence is almost immediate when you ask a question on your spiritual journey. The time of the full integration with one’s higher aspects is at hand and you are on your way to becoming a self realized, full integrated Divine human. We invite you to explore this statement in greater detail to become more aligned with your greater Presence.


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff