Crop Circle Message: An Influx of Light

crop circle eraoflightdotcom.jpgYes, this crop circle was created by beings from off-planet. It depicts a grand alignment that is about to occur. It is coming from Galactic Center to the people of the Earth as assistance to increase their frequency, as these energies are now inundating the surface of the planet and the people, its inhabitants.

The exact message as this was intended is: there is a river, an influx of Light that is coming upon Earth through the Great Central Sun. This energy is infinity energy and is perfectly balanced. This perfectly balanced energy will create greater ease and grace for all those that go through these changes as they are occurring.

For what are crop circles but a quickening that occurs. When a crop circle is created upon the planet, it sends out its energy signature, radiating out into the planet, across the surface of the planet, wherever this image is shown, it automatically activates the brain and neural pathways of the people who view it.

As people view this symbol, it has a message to impart, a message for them to keep in balance, to keep oneself whole, stay the middle path and all will be well. The way forward is through staying balanced and walking the middle way, becoming neutral in every way possible through these turbulent times that are occurring in the events taking place in the cosmos through all the alignments that are taking place. The secret is to stay balanced.

The symbol itself creates this balancing effect as it exists in the field. As its image is viewed all over the planet it is working, it is helping, awakening, raising up the new way, the new field of consciousness that has been created is now beginning to imprint the sacred and holy precepts of the new field of consciousness where all of humanity will be finding themselves upon.

The energy that runs through the central core of the planet in her crystalline center is being balanced so that a shift that has already taken place will be set so that it is permanently shifted and in place without overly affecting the outer events upon the planet. To those that act as cosmic conduits of this energy, we ask you to ground this into the central crystalline core of the Earth and past that into infinity.

To connect this also with the Great Central Sun and across the Great Central Sun at Galactic Center and past that into infinity. For it is important in order to seal these energies to do what they were intended and programmed to do. We thank you. We offer you our blessings and our faith and trust. So be it!


» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff