Thoughts of Reality Part 4: Lightworkers, Clearing, 5D Matrix

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.

The Starseeds on this planet have not only been clearing their own karmic residue, but also the residue of the Collective, that has been accumulating for millennia.

This is why starseeds have the hardest time coping with the different symptoms, with all the energy waves that come into the planet. As we stated previously with each wave of light it is required that we make more room for the new light. And we do this by clearing the old, again our personal but the Collectives’ low vibrational residue in particular.

This is just one of the things a true lightworker does. We will say a starseed in particular. This is why we are here. Yes we may be few in numbers. But our light, our power and courage are stronger than that of a million who are ‘lost’ or remain asleep.

So to answer your question of what a lightworker is, there you have it. But we will go on a little further.

What is a lightworker? What qualifies one to be a lightworker? Any person that ‘wants’ to do good? Any person that is aware of the crimes of the Cabal? Someone who ‘wants’ to believe in Ascension, so long as the Global Currency Reset manifests?

Perhaps a lightworker is one who WORKS WITH THE LIGHT. One who meditates on a daily basis or at least does their best to do so, and sends light and love to the world. One who each day envisions the world they desire. An individual who does not attach themselves to the ‘web’. Whether it is mainstream or independent media. Whether it has to do with disclosing Cabal crimes, or praising a leader, or hoping and focusing on currency revaluations. Even one who does not see channeled messages as ‘gospel’, for their highest truth must come from within. A lightworker, who’s focus is mainly within. For through the SOURCE WITHIN, the infinite light that exists there, bringing it out into the open and anchoring of that light, the world is being changed.

Each person has a different view on these things. But the best to do is to not limit yourself with labels. Not only that, but in the world outside of you, there is nothing but limitations. The world within you, you are infinite. Do you understand what we are attempting to convey here?

As we move closer the center of the galaxy, higher light continues to enter our world. What does this mean?

All that is of the old world will no longer work. This especially includes the economic and monetary aspects of the 3D matrix.

Allow us to be blunt and clear at the same time. Money does not exist in the 5TH Dimension.

If you truly wish for a world of light and freedom and joy. You must focus on the new, and not give your energy to old constructs of the 3D world that no longer exists, but only remains as mere memory in the minds of those that are still asleep.

Once again we ask do you understand what we are saying here? The 3D Matrix has been ‘deconstructed’. It only remains a memory, a thought in the minds of those asleep, but you still see it, it seems so real, does it not? Now you see how powerful your thoughts are?

Now use those thoughts on focusing on the 5D Earth, anchoring the new light and the organic matrix of 5D, giving your energy to the higher reality for all.

There should be no cause for concern, but even those asleep are about to be snapped awake. Their illusory world is about to collapse. This is where once again lightworkers are called to step up and get more involved and ‘increase the distance’ their light reaches, in order to calm the masses.

We will now close with this;

If you think you have seen enough up until now, you are about to see thrice as much as we move into the years of 2020 and 2021. Your focus on the light, and within, is of utmost importance, as the greater waves of light wash over the entire planet.

Change is to occur on a whole other level. This type of transformation has never been witnessed in the Universe before, and YOU are on the front line.

Faltering now is not an option. Your light, your love, your role and partaking in this, your focus are paramount.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.