November 2019 Energy Report

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomAre you ready for 2019 to end? We have just two more months in this year and I invite you to look at what has transpired since the beginning of this year as we move towards the historic, rare, and powerful aspects of this month and in December and January 2020. What have you learned since January 2019? What is different in your life now? How have you changed and are you more aware, at peace, in joy, and feeling confident, clear, and congruent? No matter how rough this year has been for you, every situation contains a blessing and this month we can uncover the blessings and use them as a foundation for the new energy path which begins in December and sets a strong foundation for 2020.

As we begin November we are somewhat hampered by a mercury retrograde in Scorpio that takes us back to the 2015 Saturn in Scorpio retrograde, a very long and challenging period that shook us to the core of our being as we struggled with the harsh reality of two of our toughest teachers. So we’re going back through that now to get the last remnants of what we learned during that cycle.

And on November 11 Mercury passes in front of the Sun, a rather rare aspect that happens about 13 times in a century. We have had 4 of these transits so far, in 1999, 2003, 2006 and in 2016. Mercury rules our life karma so this should bring us face to face with yet another opportunity to deal with our karmic past as we continue the energetic housecleaning we have been engaged in all year.

It will be very helpful during the next few months to focus on moving forward and to use the past as a stepping stone for empowerment, rather than a reminder of what we lost or could not complete. We use the past in the best way when we focus on how our past experiences have empowered us to leave behind old beliefs and energy patterns, rather than on how difficult the past was.

November’s energy can bring up a lot of anger and that’s an emotion we should not ignore. It’s not ‘unspiritual’ to be angry, which is a belief we have that forces us to push our anger aside. Anger has many benefits, including showing us where we are limited, afraid, and it also shines a big light on the source and purpose of our karma. Be angry and then take the next step, ask yourself what you’re angry about, why you’re angry, and what message your anger holds for you. The answer may be very enlightening.

This is going to be a theme for November – to create ‘lemonade from lemons’, so to speak. Yes the past may have been difficult but if that’s all we focus on we are going to lose the benefit of those experiences and what they have to teach us, as well as how to use them to avoid repeats in the future.

In addition to push/pull of Mercury retro, we are in the wake of the ongoing forces of transformation pulling us all into the Great Awakening and ascension cycle of 2020. This energy movement is not something we have control over, it’s an irresistible force that we either join willingly or we get caught up in its vortex. The movement has been slowly building all year and now it’s here. What happens next?

One of our most powerful tools is our energetic sovereignty which establishes our control over the energy movements in our life. We can’t control what happens to or with anyone else, but we can control what we do with energy in our own energy field. When we build strong energy boundaries based on our energetic sovereignty, we can manage the flow and movement of energy in our life, as well as how we use it but there is a slight shift we need to be aware of.

Our energetic sovereignty also takes us out of emotional reaction and into energetic flow so we can’t engage in the drama, trauma, and chaos of our emotions. Life issues are viewed through the lens of how and what we’re manifesting with our energy rather than how we feel about what someone has done or said, or what has happened. Our lives now flow with congruence rather than in the up and down turmoil of emotional engagement and its pain and drama.

While we think that’s a great option, if we have been using our emotional energy to give our life depth and meaning, a life lived from energy congruence, boundaries, and sovereignty may look a little boring. But it’s something we need think about because it’s a strong part of November’s creative energy imprint that will set the stage for how we handle the energy of 2020.

November’s full moon of November 12 is at 16 Taurus and casts another bright light on the building Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Remember this conjunction, in Capricorn, has not happened since the year 1516 so it is an extremely important milestone in our collective evolution. With this full moon we also have Mercury in retrograde and it’s passing in front of the Sun. We have had 4 of these transits in the last 20 years – in 1999, 2003, 2006 and in 2016. Those were powerful and challenging years for me – how about you?

And we have a new moon on November 26 at 4 Sagittarius that may feel a bit uncomfortable as it doesn’t have any major aspects. While new moons usually represent new beginnings, I think this one, in a fire sign, will be a final call to do a final energy cleanup in preparation for the big events of December and January.

And finally, Jupiter ends November in the final degree of its sign, Sagittarius, before it enters Capricorn to become part of the big lineup for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. To know how this impacts you, go back 12 years to when Jupiter was previously in Capricorn – it has a 12 year cycle. Jupiter brings blessings and benefits but you can’t judge them as good or bad, blessings can include the clarity of awareness and awakenings and sometimes those can be a challenge.

We’re at a major turning point for humanity and on our ascension cycle. Use the energy of this month to clear your energy field of things that do not serve the next part of your path, let ‘bygones go on by’, deal with your past, your grief, your anger, and your regrets. Let them burn on the pyre of transformation as you create space for your full 3D/5D integration and the next steps of your ascension.

Have a great month
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