Plaed’or, Commander of the Bezeeda, UFOG: Gifts & Gadgets we bring forth

star family eraoflightdotcomAn inspiring channeling shared by Elle from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Elle: Tell me, beloved, about some of the gifts & gadgets you are bringing with you initially. I imagine this will be expanded and expanded and expanded over time, but what may we look forward to initially?

Plaed’or: Well, initially… as you well know, the communicators and the replicators are really standard travelling equipment.

E: I recall lucid-dreaming of already having my own replicator when these were first brought to our attention some years ago.

P: Yes, you have had it etherically for some time. And the wonderful thing about the replicators which people have now – have you noticed that they have simply integrated this into their collective unconscious knowing that it is there and available to them? It is perfect.

One of the purposes of the replicator, other than being simply very handy, is that what it does is it eliminates the sensation or the belief system of lack because you are never without, because you can always call up what you need.

And in this, what happens is that the human belief system in scarcity – and I do not simply mean scarcity of goods; I mean scarcity of compassion or power or authority – that entire belief system begins to shift. So in fact the replicator has been available in limited supply for some time, but that is one of the biggest gifts.

Also the communicator – the ability to connect and communicate pretty much with anyone – no, not invading anyone’s privacy, but the ability to communicate, to begin with, on Terra Gaia so that the level or the need for all these various devices, and what you can think of as physical cell towers, etc. – that will be gone.

As to healing, the small gadgets that we bring for healing, for the regeneration of whether it is bone, or tissue, or the correction of cellular structure – for example, the correction of cancer cells, etc. – will be among the earliest gifts we bring forth.

E: Fabulous, thank you!


Channeled by Linda Dillon
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