Hilarion: Centered

hilarion eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The current energies flooding every nook and cranny of this planet are causing a love revolution within the hearts, minds and souls of all her inhabitants. The feeling of peace and goodwill permeates every encounter that takes place, between people and between people and animals, between people and nature, between people and the elementals…the lines of division between them are melting away and the full meaning of “we are all One” rises into higher consciousness, taking the Earth and all her inhabitants with her. Those of us from the higher dimensions and those of us who inhabit a human body known as the ‘ground crew’ are joyous at this momentous occurrence. Finally, the pieces of the Divine Plan meant to bring movement forward are falling into place!

Continue, Dear Ones, to radiate the Light wherever you may wander, wherever you may go, for this is your way, this is the path of service you have chosen, to BE the Light in order to ignite the same Light within hearts, minds and souls upon the planet. How do you know that it is happening? – by the feeling of light-heartedness that takes place within those whom you encounter, and the reciprocation of this energy returned unto you! Being joyous and light-hearted fills the emptiness that might have been felt before and people are uplifted, inspired and empowered to spread this energy within their own sphere of influence. This is how revolution and evolution, happens! You have but to be aware and awake of this and on board with it in these changing times.

It is important in these current times to stay centered, calm and grounded, for the cosmic alignments taking place in the heavens bring powerful energies of change and this energy can be overwhelming to the majority of humanity. Your ability to BE the Light during these energetic downloads will help to maintain stability upon the surface of the planet. Hold to the vision of peace, harmony, abundance, joy and love that the new Earth reality brings to the inhabitants. Start each morning in a state of joy and maintain this higher consciousness throughout the day. Know yourselves and your innermost thoughts because this can be an important aspect of self protection that you can use to recognize when thoughts, feelings or images come into your sleep/and or dream state, for example, that you know are not your own. All one has to do in this case is say to oneself “that is not who I am!” and these extraneous attempts to influence you will stop.

The influence of the cosmic alignments taking place will not be felt instantaneously, rather, their influence will be made in increments as each person assimilates and integrates these in their own unique way. There will, however, be an eventual confluence of harmonious energy from each of these that will coalesce into one unified field of consciousness. When this occurs, this field will become the living reality upon the planet and will open the door to higher realities of illumined living. Many possibilities will be perceived that were not readily apparent before and life on this planet will grow and thrive as never experienced before. There will continue to be challenges to overcome but the solutions to them will come more easily and effortlessly and humanity as a whole will be willing to work together to accomplish larger goals that take the well-being of the people and the planet into consideration.

These new ways of being and living will set the people of the Earth into new areas of endeavor that will see the population developing and bringing forth their unique gifts and abilities to share with others. Each individual will be honored and respected as an important aspect of Creator Source who is a living extension of the externalization of the spiritual material substance of the Divine. Each person will know their Divine origin and that they are deeply and eternally loved and supported in all ways. All that was of concern in the old paradigm that is now known as the underworld is forgotten as humanity enthusiastically embraces their freedom, unity and harmony in the new Earth reality. They set the sails of their own ship in the direction of ever growing awareness on their ascension path of Light.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.

» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff