Archangel Metatron: State of Flux

archangel metatron image eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to speak with you about the fact that you are experiencing great downloads of energies at this time. Many of you are feeling sleepy, tired and unable to maintain focus for too long on anything at all. Many of you are processing these higher energies quite comfortably and this is a very positive development for you. The responses to these new energies are as diverse as each of you.

In many places upon the Earth, there are Earth movements and shifting occurring; just as you are going through shifts from one moment to the next, so too is Mother Earth in her ascension process. Many fields that once seemed stable are in a state of flux and changes are taking place. This is a time to ensure that you maintain your centers even though you are also going through these changes. Take slow deep breaths, walk out in the fresh air if you can each day, take a long soak in a tub of very warm water that has sea salt or Epsom salts in it, spend time in stillness as often as possible.

The changes upon the Earth and within you will continue to occur. It is a time of transformation and the ascension process is upon you. Many souls are leaving at this time and on the higher levels this is all as it should be for the Divine Plan of their lives. Those who continue on will require the help of their brothers and sisters during these trying times. You are all in this process of transformation together.

The time to extend your assistance in any way that you can is now before you. Each of you has learned to maintain your equilibrium through your most challenging and darkest moments and now this training will come to be appreciated on many levels, both on Earth and in the higher dimensions. Send healing energies to those who need it when asked to do so, form healing groups and use your expertise as required. Much good can be accomplished by this activity.

Keep focusing on your highest visions and be kind to yourselves. Look for the silver lining in all things, for there usually is one. Your devoted efforts to maintain your spiritual disciplines are extremely helpful in maintaining stability as much as possible. Send forth your loving energy to those areas of the world in great need of it. Call upon the higher realms to assist in those areas, for we must wait to be called upon before interceding. Be bold and creative in your requests, Beloveds!

I AM Metatron.

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