Website Update(Revised)

angelic essence eraoflightdotcomGreetings! It is I Kejraj here. The creator of the Era of Light blog.

I know we receive many readers who may not be aware of the Earthly changes to the full extent(Earth entering another reality, 5th dimension). They may not be aware of “channeling”, or may not know what channeling is(communication with higher dimensional beings and ET’s). You can do a bit of research on that if you wish and be open minded, open hearted. Or you can do the typical, and go eye-rolling(no pun intended).

Era of Light is more spiritually(not religiously) oriented. But we also share alternative news articles, natural health and science, meditation and spirituality related material.

The spiritual stuff is lined up first at the top of the blog. The political, health and others are right below it. Or you can use the menu bar and click on whichever category interests you most.

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I update the website every day with new content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the contact page on left side bar, or email: – I am here to serve Mother Earth and humanity. We are in the Era of Light. All the light to You! From heart to heart, Kejraj!


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