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angelic essence eraoflightdotcomGreetings! It is I Kejraj here. The creator of the Era of Light blog.

I know we receive many readers who may not be aware of the Earthly changes to the full extent(Earth entering another reality, 5th dimension). They may not be aware of “channeling”, or may not know what channeling is(communication with higher dimensional beings and ET’s). You can do a bit of research on that if you wish and be open minded, open hearted. Or you can do the typical, and go eye-rolling(no pun intended).

Era of Light is more spiritually(not religiously) oriented. But we also share alternative news articles, natural health and science, meditation and spirituality related material.

The spiritual stuff is lined up first at the top of the blog. The political, health and others are right below it. Or you can use the menu bar and click on whichever category interests you most.

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I update the website every day with new content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the contact page on left side bar, or email: – I am here to serve Mother Earth and humanity. We are in the Era of Light. All the light to You! From heart to heart, Kejraj!


23 Replies to “Website Update(Revised)”

  1. MJ

    I recently found this site and it is a blessing. There is so much here to be inspired by. Every night I read messages of hope and love 💘 what a gift thank you.

  2. Doug James

    Era of Light keeps me sane in these uncertain times. I dont resonate with all the articles but that is ok. Once we shift and truly know the truth we can all be united as 1 no more different perspectives on what is true. Truth will be known by all period.

  3. bodhimoss

    The COVID quarantine is the next major awakening event. You will be seeing millions of people waking up now and they will be looking everywhere for answers. All the frustration we have felt trying to wake people up… well, they weren’t ready until they were ready. No matter what you are seeing on the third dimensional plane, know that love has won. Please be patient and kind to all the newbies!

  4. Michael H

    In numerology there are the masters numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, & 55
    People with the master number 11 and 33 make the best channelers.
    The number can appear in your name or your birthday.
    The ascended masters only choose people with an 11 or 33 master number to be a professional channeler.
    The masters would also prefer the channeler to be at or around the 500 consciousness level, at that level your consciousness is expanded enough where it’s easier to communicate with you.
    I would never trust a channeler unless they had one or more master numbers in their chart.
    Channeling is a skill like anything else, one should get training around it.
    Padre Pio was a priest, a channeler and a healer in the Catholic church, he did long distance healing on people. People would write to him asking for a healing, he would respond by talking to the person in their head giving them instructions before he performed a healing session.
    Padre Pio (1897-1968) had the master number 33, which is the Chirst consciousness number.
    If channeling is evil then why was Padre Pio venerated as a saint by the Vatican?
    As you go higher up the map of consciousness you will automatically start channeling, at the 600 consciousness level there is no fear.
    Your fear protects you from what you’re not ready for.

    1. TeeLight

      There are currently almost 8 Billion people on the planet living different realities and creating their own experiences.
      While I study, follow and help others understand numerology, astrology and other connection and life tools, I put no certitude like your statements implied.
      This Universe has a way of proving my cemented thinking wrong.
      I wish you nothing but love and abundance on your journey.
      ps-I have near constant contact with a whole host of Guides, my numerology contains no such master numbers.
      Everyone channels, few realize what is happening and take the credit, or fear their sanity, when their voices provide new information.
      Beings that can help, or further our own harm, are everywhere, numerology not a requirement

    2. yentlpauwels

      Thank you, Michael H.

      I’ve found this to be very insightful. I personally have a destiny number ’11’ and a personality number 33. So according to your explanation above I would make a good channeler.

      Are those the numbers one should be looking for? Or does it matter whether or not it is you soul number, karmic number etc? My soul number is a 9.

      With all honesty I can say that I have channeled many times before but most often I do not have control over it. It just happens. Same goes for downloads where I see pictures in my minds eye and get insights. I’ve yet to master those skills but I assume theirs plenty of time. I’m currently 19 years old and I have awakened last summer.

      Could you give me anymore insights? I’d greatly appreciate it!

      Warm regards,

  5. Michael

    Honestly, sometimes I’m confused by some people who immediately call channels or New Age spirituality as “evil”. I don’t see messages like “love others” or “don’t panic in emergencies,” as harmful. I was a skeptic of all these channels before, but I’ve never really saw this messages as evil. It seems like people get the impression as if these messages said, “Kill everyone you love,” or “Shoot everyone with different spiritual beliefs.” If someone comes by with different beliefs, much love to them, but it’s better that we just go our separate paths rather than just conflicting with each other over and over. I suppose what made me stop being a skeptic, other than’s Youtube channel or Alan Watts lectures online to be honest, is the realization that majority of skeptic arguments I’ve heard is speculation and not any actual experience through personal or organized experimentation. It’s just a strange thing to wonder, really. Again, I still benefit from these ideas on a personal development level even without much belief on the supernatural parts of it, so I don’t really see much of the harm that people seem to be talking about. Most people just seem to jump to conclusions without reading, listening or watching the material fully, and then somehow they’re the ones who’s angry when I point out that their question was answered in the material already.

    If you still think otherwise, your beliefs and life is not any of my business, I’ll just be going on my way.

  6. System Buster

    Channeling is dangerous in this day and time. It can be easily compromised and these days often is. I do not trust it any more. In fact I feel threatened by it. If you are not questioning this information you will find yourself in a position of being more than less than informed.

    1. EraOfLight Post author


      We share what we think the readers may find useful. It is upto each individual to use their own discernment with whatever they choose to read.

    2. Michael

      You are free to search for “psychic self defense,” advice online if you choose to. As an effort to encourage critical thinking among people for possibly manipulative gurus or more often well-intentioned people with the wrong ideas, I suggest anyone reading with suspicions to learn about “spiritual bypassing,” for more ideas. For more emphasis on critical thinking in ways that don’t have to do with areas of spirituality, I encourage you all to educate yourself on a list of common logical fallacies and propaganda techniques. I agree honestly that I don’t find all channels personally helpful, but I would not like to generalize on everything based on how a few were unhelpful in the past if you ask me. Of course, feel free to disagree or question anything I say. To come to a truth, it is best you experience things yourself, not based on suspicions before experience or rumors circulated by people you don’t even know well, including me.

    3. flazak

      Certainly you should remain sceptical, you should think for yourself and you should question everything but the information itself is not dangerous unless you want it to be or you are feeling affected negatively by it and the methods of channeling are not dangerous unless you are using LSD to get it or something silly like that. If someone came on TV in a giant spaceship claiming to be a Pleidian or Arcturian – whatever – I would still be sceptical, its going to take a lot to convince me/us, sceptical is our middle name!

  7. Kim A Brookes

    I too come here every day. It keeps me centered and calm.
    with so much gratitude, Kim.

  8. Diana

    Miigwetch for the time, work and effort you expend keeping this site going, dear heart!

    I must admit I turn to this site to help me get through the days. It helps to read the uplifting articles, particularly when there have been some bad days. It’s sort of a lifeline at times.

    Baamapii, from Spirit Island


  9. john

    Thank you so much for your work, much enlightenment you bring. much love to you and all of humanity