Hilarion: Great Shifts Continue

hilarion eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! And so, the great shift continues to occur upon the planet. It is creating scenarios that are unprecedented in human history with countries closing their borders and not allowing free movement for its citizens from one area to another. Most citizens are confined to their homes and are taking enforced time off from all aspects of their daily lives – with all but the essential services to meet peoples needs still in operation. This event is changing the world in ways that cannot yet be seen or evaluated, for its effects are still in motion and no one knows the extent to which the entire planet will be affected.

The well established systems that regulated humanity’s daily lives are at a stand still and humanity throughout the planet is getting the opportunity to observe which of these systems truly serve the higher needs and values of their souls. By being confined to their homes, the people are getting the opportunity to reconnect with their inner world without the many distractions that were present before. Suddenly the ads on their television channels become meaningless as one is no longer a consumer, as before. They awaken to the understanding that much of the world as they knew it before was very superficial. They become aware of how nice it is to stay at home and be relaxed with their family and loved ones.

From this observation, it is hoped, they will seek a way, once the event has dissipated, to live the life of their dreams, hopes and desires which includes a closer connection with each other in the equation. They will seek a new path that leads to a greater enrichment of the values of love for self and for all others including the other kingdoms that share this world with them. They will seek solutions that help them to live in a more balanced, thoughtful and peaceful way and implement these solutions in all aspects of their lives. They will say ‘no’ to any situation that does not serve their higher good, their well being and the path that they have chosen to follow.

They will take responsibility for all that happens in their life with the intent that each experience will bring the happiest, more joyful outcome they could imagine. They begin to embrace their God given right to the sovereignty and freedom of their being and they will also see that they had this right all along but due to societal conditioning, it was not clear to them that they could exercise this right at any time. It will create a joyous sense of adventure within them as they take the helm on their ship of life and set sail on their personal quest for greater awakening and expansion. And as they begin to experience success in their personal explorations of this new way of being, they will know without question that they can never go back nor even want to, to the old ways they have left behind.

And after the event is over, they will begin to see clearly that they must also be responsible stewards of the world they live on. They will discern clearly that in the absence of the collective footprint of humanity that took place during the lockdown of the event, that their world is now much cleaner and healthier than ever before and that they are now in the position for a new start for their planet and each other. Humanity as a collective will start seeking solution-based outcomes that serve the needs of all its citizens whenever any current problems are addressed. And they will create a better world – one that is filled with love, peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, happiness and Divine order in all its myriad manifestations.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

» Source » Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff