Important Website Update

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomHi everyone,

As many of you have heard, wordpress, which Era of Light is hosted on, has been shutting down blogs that share “alternative” news without warning. We’re currently looking at other options before such happens to us. What is not convenient is three things; 1. wordpress, compared to other hosts is cheaper. 2. It is a huge headache to migrate to another host, to make everything as is now. 3. If we do decide to move to another host, we will need your support. I will keep you updated.

In the mean time, I communicated a while back with a reader/individual on Era of Light from Ohio, about hosting, they had their own servers. If you read this, you will know who you are. Please contact me.

Also, anyone that reads this, if you own your own servers and think you can help us with this, please contact us: – Thank You!